Powered Speakers and Lots of New Lights

The first quarter of 2015 has been a very busy time for us - so what else is new.  To add to the confusion, we have rotated some of our stock out to replenish it with new speakers and lights.  As far as audio goes, we have mostly been a provider of amp and combo mixer/amp systems with passive speakers but some of you will recall that last year we made our first foray into powered speakers with a shiny new set of QSC K12 systems.  They have been great and have been out on the road a lot.  We needed a smaller set for smaller events and I fell into an old trap - I bought a couple of third-tier powered speakers because the price was right.  They went out right away and did well on their first gig.  The next two gigs brought nothing but misery for everyone.  Ugh!  Fortunately, in both cases, I was able to bring out reliable replacements in time so the events they were assigned to went off without a hitch but I can tell you that it was major chaos at the time.  Once burnt, twice shy.  I returned the no-name speakers to the big "stringed instrument center" I got them from and replaced them with a shiny, new, top-brand pair.  They're pricier but you get what you pay for, right?  They went out two days later and kicked you know what! Only 10 inches but rated at 600 watts (peak) each, they really do a find job for small to medium venues and as a DJ monitor speaker.

Then came the lights.  We got a new set of moving heads last year.  They worked okay but they had a little problem staying well synchronized when operating together.  So we sold them to some folks for whom synchronization was not a mode they needed.  I bought a new ADJ DJ Spot 250 to match our single unit and they've been out as a matched pair a few times now.  But we keep getting requests for larger sets of matched units.  Ask and ye shall receive:  We picked up 8 moving heads - four wash lights and four design spots.  The wash lights make moving colors with tons of output and the design spots have color and gobo wheels.  We can offer them out in packages of 1, 2, 3 or 4 matched sets.  They look great.

Then, a popular club near UH Downtown was refurbishing in January and we were very fortunate to contact the owner to buy out his removed light collection.  The quantity was large and the price was good but, as noted above, you get what you pay for.  A couple of them worked and just needed cleaning but most of them just stared at me blankly when I plugged them in to test.  So now, I select one light each work day.  I grab a wrench, a screwdriver and a ton of wet paper towels and start cleaning.  When they're clean, I break out the meters and scopes and start diagnosing the failures.  When I get all of the same family of lights figured out, I order the parts to fix them.  Then I spend a few days installing, configuring and calibrating.   As of early February, I've got eight lights in new condition, four lights waiting on parts and big ol' pile of lights that I haven't started yet.

The refurbished lights are being listed in the
price catalog as soon as they are ready.  To date, we have some new LED up lights (at the usual $25.00), A Martin Ego-1 (I love this light! - at just $15), A Martin Maniac DC1 ( also $15) and another one awaiting parts.  We have a new 60 lens derby light with Red, Green, Blue and White powerful LEDs - (only $10.00 - spent four hours with a soldering iron replacing wiring harnesses that had vibrated over time so that the wires inside the insulation had parted).  We also have four refurbished Martin MX1 Flat Mirror scanners with 19 position color/gobo wheel ($20) and some working VEI Novascan V-250-1 Flat Mirror scanners wtih two wheels - 16 color wheel and 15 gobo wheel ($25).  When I'm done with refurb work, we should have 7 good Novascan units.  (expect some of the new scanners to go on sale - we don't need this many)  (I finished all of the refurb work.  All of the MX-1 and Novascan units are great!  We have some of them listed in the "for sale" section at the top of this page)

Also, along the way, we picked up a new, high powered laser and an amazing little Chauvet fogger that is incredibly powerful for its deceptively small size.  The fogger has been out a few times and the big laser is going out this weekend (Valentine's Day) as part of an "all laser light package."  We've tested it in-house but I'm really looking forward seeing it out in the wild.

I'll get pictures up when they're all repaired and ready.  In the mean time, you can always check on the web or schedule a trip up to North Spring to see them for yourself.  I tell you that I can't wait to get some of these new lights onto light racks and out with lighting packages.  They're going to be great!  If you have a wedding reception, dance, party, rodeo or cookoff tent or any other occasion that needs audio and/or lighting, this is the place to get the best priced gear and largest selection!  And now is the time with so many great new additions to our inventory.

What we do and what we don't:

Our goal is to provide extremely inexpensive Audio and Lighting solutions for weddings, receptions, meetings, parties and all types of other events.  In order to do that, we supply the amplifiers, speakers, mixers, lights, controllers and other equipment.  Optionally, we can deliver, set up and pick up the equipment.  As for the DJ part, well that's up to you.  You can hire a professional DJ to use our gear, do it yourself, have a friend be your DJ or even just play your favorite playlist from your MP3/iPod, computer or other audio source.  We have the gear and expertise to get your equipment connected to ours.  We provide the equipment and can set it up.  The rest is up to you and it's really easy!.  Talk about a great way to save!  Of course, we have great contacts among some fantastic local DJs.  If you need a great DJ, let us know and we will be happy to refer you to someone.  But the real nature of our service is to keep your costs down by supplying the audio and lighting equipment you need so you can provide your own music operator and save your funds for other pieces of your event.

We set up our solutions up so that they are easy for anyone to operate.  Lighting systems can be as simple as on/off switches on a console or we can pre0program lighting scenes, sequences and chases on more sophisticated controllers.  Most of our lights also have built in programs or can be sound activated.  Just play your musical choice and watch the lights react.

And we aren't limited to parties.  We provide traditional and modern LED uplighting for engagement parities, weddings, wedding receptions and other elegant affairs.

We also prove sound services for live events.  We can provide equipment, setup and run sound and lights for churches, plays, concerts, recitals, school events and other live venues.

We build solutions so that anyone can operate our audio systems with simple turn on/off and adjust the volume.  Mics are available as wired or wireless, whatever you're comfortable with.

So if you are looking to host an event and want great, easy to use gear at minimal cost, contact us to put together a custom solution that's perfect for your needs.

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