New toys:  Pair of American DJ H2O lights and a two new Chauvet Lasers

We picked up a couple of American DJ H2O lights this week.  These things are amazing.  They have huge coverage areas and the projection on the walls or ceiling looks like the reflection of a rippling pool.  You can set the color to keep it the same or let it cycle through its color range.  The effect is beautiful and haunting.  We tried some blue around the office and it felt like we were inside an aquarium!
  What I'm really looking forward to is someone to pick these up along with our fire light.  The whole "fire and water" motif are amazing.  The H20 Water Effect light is LED powered so it runs cool all day and night.  You can control it with a single switch on the back or run it with DMX - 3 channels.  It is dead simple to operate and makes stunningly large and beautiful effects.

This would also go in very well with our 70's disco light collection.  Take our Martin Ego-01, the pair of Martin Mania lights and these two H20 lights and you can re-create 1974.  What an awesome party!

We also picked up two new Chauvet lasers.  One is the Chauvet Scorpion Dual - a fat beam dual laser that has great patters without fog and with fog, makes those awesome full overhead sprays like you see at concerts and big clubs. 

The other is an amazing, text and symbol programmable laser.  That's right - you can put in any text you like and scroll it, roll it, twist it or whatever.  This is a great way to do a custom message without the mess of designing a gobo, having it made, shipped and loaded into a rental gobo projector (you should do that too!).  It has tons of built-in patterns and programs and you can pre-program your messages and fire them up when you want with the remote control.  This thing is the bomb!

And no shopping trip is complete unless we add to our audio selections.  We have purchased a new DBX Driverack 260 speaker management system.  This is the absolute top of the line PA management device - if you know audio, you know this box.  We still have our older Driverarck PA system as well and it does a fine job for small and medium venues but for great management in medium and large halls, the 260 is the box you need.  It comes standard with Audio Package "D" and is available for a la carte when you need it.  The Driverack PA is up for sale - see the "classified section up above for details.

Finally, I have been promising a lot of folks that we would get in more black lights for glow parties and such.  Being as it's Fall and becoming winter, I finally pulled the trigger and really ramped our inventory of amazing black lights.  We picked up more LED UV panels and a pair of 400 Watt Black Light flood lights to go with our existing black light inventory as well as an American DJ UV Cannon.  You can rent individual lights and we have built a super glow package with 2x 400 Watt Floods, 2x 192 LED UV Panel, 1x PAR38 LED UV Spotlight and 1x 400 Watt UV Cannon for $170.00.  Let the glowing begin!

Exciting news for fall:

Campus Party Box – a Christian Ministry for business focused college students.

This fall, ProCo is taking the fruits of our labor and planting its seeds to help spread the word of the Lord through the living example of young Christians.  Along the way, we want to provide them with a platform to show their light by helping them start and operate a small business that can be run from a dorm room, campus apartment or sorority or fraternity house.

We provide a complete solution of PA system and dance light setup which the students will rent out to students and faculty at the university where they study.  Working online with the home office, students will prep the equipment for use, schedule pickups and returns or optionally deliver and collect the equipment.  They will teach renters on the operation of the gear (super simple – anyone can do it) then check the gear when it is returned.  A portion of each rental will go to headquarters for maintenance and to purchase new gear for other sites.  The rest is profit for the student. And while they are interacting with customers, they can build leadership skills and grow in their faith just by living the Christian life that they always have as an example to others!  This beats working 2 hours a day at the local pizza joint, is a ton more fun.  The profit potential is quite good and the hours required are just a few each week.

The business can be run by an individual student or even by a student organization, such as a fraternity, sorority, business club or other extramural club.  University territories are exclusive and the gear is top notch.  Our rental pricing is very attractive and we have strong working models at a number of schools.  You can operate the business for multiple years, and when you are ready to leave school, help us identify someone to take over the operation.

Drop us a note from our contact page if you or someone you know might be interested in operating a Campus Party Box at school.

What we do and what we don't:

Our goal is to provide extremely inexpensive Audio and Lighting solutions for weddings, receptions, meetings, parties and all types of other events.  In order to do that, we supply the amplifiers, speakers, mixers, lights, controllers and other equipment.  Optionally, we can deliver, set up and pick up the equipment.  As for the DJ part, well that's up to you.  You can hire a professional DJ to use our gear, do it yourself, have a friend be your DJ or even just play your favorite playlist from your MP3/iPod, computer or other audio source.  We have the gear and expertise to get your equipment connected to ours.  We provide the equipment and can set it up.  The rest is up to you and it's really easy!.  Talk about a great way to save!  Of course, we have great contacts among some fantastic local DJs.  If you need a great DJ, let us know and we will be happy to refer you to someone.  But the real nature of our service is to keep your costs down by supplying the audio and lighting equipment you need so you can provide your own music operator and save your funds for other pieces of your event.

We set up our solutions up so that they are easy for anyone to operate.  Lighting systems can be as simple as on/off switches on a console or we can pre0program lighting scenes, sequences and chases on more sophisticated controllers.  Most of our lights also have built in programs or can be sound activated.  Just play your musical choice and watch the lights react.

And we aren't limited to parties.  We provide traditional and modern LED uplighting for engagement parities, weddings, wedding receptions and other elegant affairs.

We also prove sound services for live events.  We can provide equipment, setup and run sound and lights for churches, plays, concerts, recitals, school events and other live venues.

We build solutions so that anyone can operate our audio systems with simple turn on/off and adjust the volume.  Mics are available as wired or wireless, whatever you're comfortable with.

So if you are looking to host an event and want great, easy to use gear at minimal cost, contact us to put together a custom solution that's perfect for your needs.

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