Pipe and Drape!  (And a new, big Amp)

Wev'e added a lot of inventory over the last quarter.  Some of it is "more of same" and some of it is an expansion to our offerings.

We have some cool new lights!  Derbys, lasers, color floods, some knock your socks off American DJ Tri-Phase lights and a bunch of others.  Cool!  We also increased our inventory of powered mixers offering a tremendous range of features and power capabilities.

Our newest addition is Pipe and Drape.  We are starting with some "test the waters" quantity but we have 40 feet of black pipe and drape that is perfect for backdrop behind a couples table, honor court, head table or whatever.  They are great for dressing up a room for elegance and we've already got them booked into a hall for an awesome sounding Halloween event!  We're pricing the individual pieces (up rights, stands, crossbars, drapes, etc) a little lower than most of the large providers with a great discounts on complete sections.  The more you rent, the more you save (Man, do I hate that phrase, but it's true in this case!)

So, finish out your summer with a great party.  Ramp up the atmosphere with a PA package, dance lights, up lights for your elegant party or reception and now, pipe and drape for any event!

What we do and what we don't:

Our goal is to provide extremely inexpensive Audio and Lighting solutions for weddings, receptions, meetings, parties and all types of other events.  In order to do that, we supply the amplifiers, speakers, mixers, lights, controllers and other equipment.  Optionally, we can deliver, set up and pick up the equipment.  As for the DJ part, well that's up to you.  You can hire a professional DJ to use our gear, do it yourself, have a friend be your DJ or even just play your favorite playlist from your MP3/iPod, computer or other audio source.  We have the gear and expertise to get your equipment connected to ours.  We provide the equipment and can set it up.  The rest is up to you and it's really easy!.  Talk about a great way to save!  Of course, we have great contacts among some fantastic local DJs.  If you need a great DJ, let us know and we will be happy to refer you to someone.  But the real nature of our service is to keep your costs down by supplying the audio and lighting equipment you need so you can provide your own music operator and save your funds for other pieces of your event.

We set up our solutions up so that they are easy for anyone to operate.  Lighting systems can be as simple as on/off switches on a console or we can pre0program lighting scenes, sequences and chases on more sophisticated controllers.  Most of our lights also have built in programs or can be sound activated.  Just play your musical choice and watch the lights react.

And we aren't limited to parties.  We provide traditional and modern LED uplighting for engagement parities, weddings, wedding receptions and other elegant affairs.

We also prove sound services for live events.  We can provide equipment, setup and run sound and lights for churches, plays, concerts, recitals, school events and other live venues.

We build solutions so that anyone can operate our audio systems with simple turn on/off and adjust the volume.  Mics are available as wired or wireless, whatever you're comfortable with.

So if you are looking to host an event and want great, easy to use gear at minimal cost, contact us to put together a custom solution that's perfect for your needs.

Shoutout to our customers

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