What we do and what we don't:

Our goal is to provide extremely inexpensive Audio and Lighting solutions for weddings, receptions, meetings, parties and all types of other events.  In order to do that, we supply the amplifiers, speakers, mixers, lights, controllers and other equipment.  Optionally, we can deliver, set up and pick up the equipment.  As for the DJ part, well that's up to you.  You can hire a professional DJ to use our gear, do it yourself, have a friend be your DJ or even just play your favorite playlist from your MP3/iPod, computer or other audio source.  We have the gear and expertise to get your equipment connected to ours.  We provide the equipment and can set it up.  The rest is up to you and it's really easy!.  Talk about a great way to save!  Of course, we have great contacts among some fantastic local DJs.  If you need a great DJ, let us know and we will be happy to refer you to someone.  But the real nature of our service is to keep your costs down by supplying the audio and lighting equipment you need so you can provide your own music operator and save your funds for other pieces of your event.

We set up our solutions up so that they are easy for anyone to operate.  Lighting systems can be as simple as on/off switches on a console or we can pre0program lighting scenes, sequences and chases on more sophisticated controllers.  Most of our lights also have built in programs or can be sound activated.  Just play your musical choice and watch the lights react.

And we aren't limited to parties.  We provide traditional and modern LED uplighting for engagement parities, weddings, wedding receptions and other elegant affairs.

We also prove sound services for live events.  We can provide equipment, setup and run sound and lights for churches, plays, concerts, recitals, school events and other live venues.

We build solutions so that anyone can operate our audio systems with simple turn on/off and adjust the volume.  Mics are available as wired or wireless, whatever you're comfortable with.

So if you are looking to host an event and want great, easy to use gear at minimal cost, contact us to put together a custom solution that's perfect for your needs.

Special Offers and announcements:

Summer 2014 - we are very pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new pair of QSC K12 Active Loudspeakers.  1,000 Watts of continuous sound power - each!  These are not the cute little 400 Watt speakers found at a lot of rental outfits, these are sound monsters!  They are proudly Made In USA.  Check any of those cute little 200 to 500 Watt units and see where they're made.  Some of the common old standard that USED to be made here have long since moved off of our shores...

Sound pressure levels for the QSC K12 powered speakers peak at 131 dB.  These things will pound your brain out, put it in a cauldron and melt it down!  This kind of sound falls between a pneumatic riveter and a jet engine! 

And they're not just loud; they sound FANTASTIC with excellent music and sound reproduction.  These are great for DJs, Bands, the PA system at your reception or party.  They are light weight for the amount of power they put out and dead simple to operate.  They also come with wheeled, padded cases - c'mon, you can't beat that.  We're looking forward to helping you "bring da noize!"

Shoutout to our customers

We try to take a moment to say congratulations and "Thank you!" to the nice folks who we've worked with each week.

More and Larger Pictures

We try to keep this page somewhat compact. To see more, bigger and better pictures, check out our facebook page.

See our FaceBook page at WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PROCOAUDIO for more information and pics of our events.


A million things the last week of June but few pics

Alright, it's been crazy busy but there have been a lot of customer pickups (no pics) and a lot of the staff delivering gigs at the same time (only one good camera!).

So, we'll start with three NWAL swim teams using the PA system.  One group dropped their amp for the divisional championship meet.  We had almost everything out but we had one of the small, 100 watt systems left.  It's not the best for a big meet but the swimmers and folks in the proximity of the pool got to hear music and announcements.  Then the gear went to two different teams awards ceremonies.  The final NWAL invitational meets for the summer are going on now.  Congratulations to all NWAL swimmers and especially to our Londonderry Lightning Bolt's who are on their way back to the top after a tough year last year.

This weekend, we had a couple of Light Package "A" get picked up.  They are very affordable and easy to operate but there is one small challenge - they're large.  Bobby managed to stuff one into his Jetta and take it to his 31st b-day party.  Margi brought a small pickup, just perfect for the length.  Both groups report that the look was wonderful.

It was looking to be a dead weekend with just the light packages going out.  Then, while running some errands in the late afternoon on Friday, we got a call from the Yucatan Taco Stand up in the Woodlands.  Their PA gear suddenly became unavailable and they needed a PA system for a band that was coming in.  I presumed that it would be for Saturday.  Wrong;  they needed it in three hours!  So we dropped everything, got in touch with the band - Aaron Stephens band out of New Braunfels and got started building out.  The event was outdoors on the patio in an area just a little larger than a postage stamp!  They didn't need a ton of power because of the Woodlands noise ordinances but they needed to mic some cabs, direct some acoustics and get some voice mics.  We brought in 1,000 watts of powered mixer, two tops on stands and a wedge monitor for the voice work as well as a bunch of mics, stands and all the usual accessories.  I stuck around for their setup and got their sound check started.  They're good and know what they're doing so I scampered.  I got back for the last hour of the set.  Great band!  Four pieces including lead, rhythm, bass and drums with great vocals from Aaron and Rio.  Catch these guys when you get a chance!

Tons going on and there's still a lot of time left in June!
Flo dj-d a graduation celebration in Le Porte for Cassandra.  He used our new QSC K12 powered speakers to bring 2,000 watts to a room full of celebrants.   They weren't cranked all the way up when we arrived and the parking lot was thumping!  Gotta love these boxes!

Then Jay and his band played at a family (300 people, or so it seemed!) get together to celebrate his nephew's graduation.  They have a five piece band and we brought out the big guns - our Audio Package "D" with a rolling rack, three amps, six speakers and monitors, six voice mics, drum mics, 16 channel mixer, audio processing and all the rest.  We blew em' out all over the Sam Houston National Forest.  The band was tight and sounded fantastic through the system  Best group of people overall!  I can't wait to work with everyone there again!

Taking things up a notch, Sandy graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree in Psych.  She had ink blots on the tables and walls!  We came in to up light the perimeter and to provide some dance lights under the covered area.  The theme was red, white and black so we did red lights and white lights in black cans.  We brought a good package of dance lights that the DJ ran.  Everyone was knocked out by it all!

Erick threw and 80's party down at UH.  We created a custom combo package of PA and dance lights.  The lights were focused on his grass field/yard but in case of weather, we built it so it could instantly swing to light up under the covered car port.  We brought a 500 watt amp and mixer system and mic.  Our host wasn't sure that he needed a mic but when we got there at the end, there was an impromptu Karaoke session going!  The weather held off and a great party was had by all!  Way to go, Erick!

And then came June.  Packed with parties, graduations and everything else!
Priscila became a teen!  She had a bunch of her best pals over for a glow party.  DJ Flo provided tunes, dance lights and a bunch of black lights.  We provided a bunch more black lights!  I'm pretty sure the folks in the International Space Station could see Especial Events glowing like a radiation leak!

Then our good friend Taylor decided that she was done with the Klein ISD and would rather spend her time (and parents money!) at Texas Tech.  To celebrate this momentous decision, her parents threw a huge, blowout party.  We got to spend a little time there enjoying all of the "resources" that a good graduation party has to offer - grin!  And, we came through with a lights and audio package to keep the place rockin' well past decent hours.  Congratulations, Taylor!  Tear 'em up at Tech!

Back to our friend DJ Flo who hosted a graduation party for a young lady for whom he choreographed her Quince!  They celebrated in a huge hall at the Don McLeod Rec Center in Mont Belvieu and we came in with the big sound system.  The walls were shakin' and rattlin'.  He attached one of his lights to a handle on a subwoofer.  Mistake - grin!  That subwoofer vibrated the life right out of the light.  Oops.  Still, as parties go, there was much dancing, amusement and major music and lights.

To finish off the weekend, our very good friend also left the confines of Klein ISD to study at Sam Houston.  This celebration was small and intimate for close friends and family.  Still, she is a big Sinatra fan (and mom is a huge Beatles fan) so we came in with a home-sized PA system.  As soon as I was done setting up and testing, mom's phone got plugged in and as I walked away, Twist and Shout was blasting out!  Congratulations to Anastasia!

May has been swamped!  I'm behind on keeping the shout outs up to date so I'll be brief (yeah, right!).
It starts with a Junior High end of school year dance at Brabham Middle School up in Montgomery.  The kids decorated the cafeteria, we brought a light and sound package and our intrepid vice-principal put on his DJ hat.  We got there for the wind-up and the kids were having the most awesome time.

From middle school, we move on to the completion of High School.  Trenaty and her friends celebrated the end of their public tutelage at the ranch.  We came in with two racks of lights and our "B" audio package.  I tested it with my standard "safe" play list.  Then the new graduates took over with their gear.  Come cleanup time, the youth had all scampered and the parents were left to their own devices.  To use their words "The party became truly enjoyable once the kids were gone and we got to play 'our' music!"  It was a great party for everyone, of course!

Jan celebrated a wedding anniversary at the Hilton hotel down by the Galleria.  They had a good DJ and we put up a truss full of a dozen lights and a fogger.  Had to get the fogger "cleared" with the hotel staff but once they understood that it was mostly water vapor, they gave it the okey-dokey.  We came in for the end and the music was pounding and the lights were humming.  We also set up a projector and screen at the request of Jan's girls who put on a show to celebrate mom's life.  The place rocked!

A good friend's daughter turned twelve.  They didn't know that we did this kind of thing and they found us with a web search!  Once they saw who we were, the die was cast.  Their nephew is a budding DJ who spun tunes for the party.  He doesn't have lights yet so we provided a rack of five lights and a fogger.  What a way to rock and jam on your twelfth birthday.  Happy Birthday, DDee!

Our old friend, DJ FLo needed some major sound power as he DJ'd the reception of his best friend.  We brought a big "C" package with multiple amps, subs and tops.  Flo has excellent lights and DJ rig so when you put it all together, we brung the house down.  Best part for us was when we got their for pickup, the crowd had thinned but one party-goer grabbed a mic and was working hard at leading the stragglers in a little group karaoke!  Looking forward to working with Flo again in the upcoming weeks.

More graduations for May.  Saul put on a celebration for the graduation of his son at the SaltGrass on Tomball Parkway.  He had a video that he wanted to play to honor his son's achievements before he heads off to the wilds of Oklahoma.  So we got tapped to bring a projector, screen and audio system.  Quarters at the SaltGrass were challengingly tight but we managed to put up an excellent setup and a great celebration was had by all!

DJ Rey gave us the nod to bring a small rack of lights to an outdoor graduation celebration.  We brought this "fiver" - no fogger because there was a breeze and fog us useless in the wind.  We never saw Rey!  The schedule was so busy, I set it up before he got there and took it down the day after!  All reports from the family is that Rey put on a great show (as usual!).

May 10th
I had to keep the gig count low this weekend as our company volunteered to work the polls on Saturday.  Nevertheless, there were some great gigs!  Damon, an old customer and his wife hosted the Thompson Intermediate Athletic Banquet and dance at the big auditorium at the Texas College of Chiropractic down in Pasadena.  We brought in a truss packed with a dozen dance lights and a fogger.  We ran controls for the fogger and lights to a dj station and the place rocked!

The night before, Courtney and Sam got married up at Belle Rose Maison in Conroe.  We are becoming the up lighting provider of choice there and we got the call to provide plum colored up lights and a gobo with the couples initials and date on the big, over head wall.  They also provided some of their own, very creative back lighting.  The combination was awesome.

Finally, I am thrilled to say that my favorite summer swim league team, the Londonderry Lighting Bolts, held their Blue and Gold intra-squad meet to establish initial times.  The team looks great.  As always, we sponsor the team with a PA system for every home meet.  We have some new gear for them this year and the announcements and tunes sounded great under team president and resident DJ - TC.  Good luck 'Bolts!

Exhausted - first weekend of May
I hardly know where to begin.  Four gigs and I worked them all solo except for one pickup.  Sore, tired but very happy with the results.
Valerie got married and held her reception in the Kemah Community Center facility.  It's pretty bare with harsh, overhead sodium lights.  We brought in a bunch of clear and red PAR38 up lights to light the perimeter and two racks of dance lights.  Had to make the dance lights "mobile" so they could be quickly moved and changed round for the wedding, then the reception.  Congratulations to Valerie and Paul!  Results:  gorgeous

Then JP Daine (number one pianist in Houston 2012 and still great) played a wedding at Augusta Pines Country Club.  He wanted a big light package so we put up a truss system with 12 awesome dance lights (plus a spot light for the band).  We lit the room, overbalcony, stairs, band and of course; the dance floor.  Biggest trick - you can't imagine what it takes to assemble and disassemble the system working solo in a timely fashion (grin!).  All reports say that the show was great.  As for me, I didn't get to pick up the gear until after church on Sunday.  Result:  excellent!

Straight from Augusta Pines, I took the trailer up to Montgomery to do a sound system for three acts (two bands and a Michael Jackson impersonator) for a fund raiser.  Keller Williams sponsored a fund raiser for the East Texas Dream Center helping women in need and you can't believe the turnout of wonderful people looking to help the cause.  Paul of Keller Williams and vocalist for Jar Fly brought me in to put up a sound system.  We made it a big one - two amps, Subs, Tops, Monitors, Big mixer, Stage Lights, Fogger, 3 vocal, 3 instrument and 3 drum mics and all the accessories.  A few challenges at the beginning as time was tight and we were slamming it together but by the time the first song finished, everything was running like a Swiss Watch.  Check out the facebook page for more details and photos.  Congratulations to Paul, KW and most of all, East Texas Dream Center!

To finish it out, our old friend DJ TC needed some gear.  I never even saw him.  Amy picked some gear and he picked it up.  It's Sunday night and I still haven't talked with him but I'll presume that all went well.

Another mid-week gig - April 22
Alaina called for lights and audio at a the Ogle School for cosmetology, in Stafford.  We brought down our Audio Package "B" and the lights we use to light up stage bands.  Amazing look!  We had the lights in sound active mode while Alaina spun tunes and did the fashion show MC job.  I hung a bit at the beginning to see a bit of the show - the models were incredible, with interesting approaches to a fun, whimsical show.  Congratulations on a great event, Alaina.  Hope to do it again!

It's Easter Weekend

I thought it was going to be slow but at the last minute, a bunch of bookings came in.  I'm posting this on Saturday night and there's still more to go tomorrow.

Mid-Week, our good friends at Provident Wealth Advisors hosted a Seminar on investment planning at Americas in The Woodlands.  Between 80 and 125 women attended for good wine, a great meal.  Sheryl Dudzik from Montgomery Women's Center gave a presentation and the evening capped of with the evening speaker - the world renowned Michelle Matson.  Michelle specializes in investment planning for women and everyone was well educated by the end of the evenging.  As for our part, We put the audio system together, provided the visual presentation medium (namely, an 11 foot truss mounted video screen) and our folks provided some photographic services of the presentations and guests.  It was a perfect evening from front to back.

Then another old friend, DJ Rey, contacted us about some lighting gear for a memorial gathering to celebrate the life of a fallen American hero.  The memorial was held in the American Legion Hall in Aldine.  While the event was somber, it was a celebration of life and so there was was dancing and merriment mixed in with the memory of loss.  We put together a rack of lights and fog machine.  We have been here before and knew the terrain so we had a good system up and cooking in short order.  Another great event by Rey.  Our gratitude goes to all of the men and women in the service of this great nation.  Thank you!

The Pentecostals of the Woodlands held a Passion Play for Easter Sunday.  Music director Susan contacted us to provide some atmosphere lighting.  By the time we were done talking, we had a theater set of lights including color changing back lighting,
strobing LED lights and traditional strobe and fader controlled spot and flood lights!  In the end, there were only seven lights but the operation but in the end, we had three controller boards running.  The actual operation was powerful, flexible and above all, simple.  Michael became the light board operator and had a good time quickly mastering the system then exploring the additional capabilities.  Happy Easter to all!

A weekend full of light
Yes, every LED up light and many PAR up lights were out (ordering more LED lights this week).  Josh and Alicia got married and held their reception at The Sanctuary at Water Oak up on Lake Conroe.    Congratulations to the happy couple!  Also, cudos to Rebecca, their coordinator.  We lit her reception a couple weeks ago.  For Josh and Alicia, we provided LED Up LIghting for the dance floor, reception hall and cake table.  Josh got together with goboman and created a custom gobo for our projector.  We projected their gobo on the curved wall above the large, curved staircase at the Sanctuary.  The theme was amazing in red, black and white.  The couple were fantastic!

At the same time,
Clarissa took an industrial garage bay and turned it into party central.  The party is hard to describe because there was so much going on.  Clarissa is a pro at this and brought in lounges, center pieces, amazing lighting, DJ equipment, a band, an evening at the Pacquiao fights etc!  There were two rooms - the dance/entertainment room and the lounge.   For our part, we did blue columns of up lights and our Light Package "B" with 8 lights and a fogger in the main hall.  In the lounge, we set up PAR flood lights with blue and yellow gels for illumination and atmosphere, color changing LED lighting at the bar and other colored LED lights for accents in other spots.  We got there about 20 minutes before shutdown and the place looked incredible.  One of the bays was open and it was dark inside except for our dance and up lights and even my co-worker was astonished at how good the lights looked!

We had two lasers, our favorite Circus, a Python, Tri Ball, Strobe, LED Black light and others.  The whole place was painted in ever-moving light.  Clarissa is amazing.  I worked with her for several days and saw her put this together with true skill.  If you need a party decorator or planner, her fb page is facebook.com/Clarie83.

We also had a lot of gear out that was picked up so we have no pictures.  Still, a quick shout-out to Mai who hosted her brother's wedding at the house.  We didn't have everything she needed (the LED Up Lights were all booked!) but she got the rest from us.  It was outdoors and the weather was beautiful.  Congratulations to your brother and his wife!

April is here
The weekend wasn't too busy and there was only one place that I got pictures from.  Raiven is s student at TSU who throws an occasional talent showcase at her place.  She brought in some friends and rappers from Louisianna and picked up an audio package from us.  Laissez le bontemps roulez!  Every now and again, when I look out and worry about the future our our nation, I am blessed to work with some young people like Raiven and my faith is restored.  What a wonderful group of young people.  Thank you, Raiven!

The rest of March
People are getting married, throwing parties and a few folks out there are even celebrating birthdays!  We're glad to play some small part in these wonderful moments.
Rebecca came in from Arizona to marry Tim and celebrated with friends and family at the KOA in Montgomery.  We provided an audio setup for Karaoke and speeches.  Absolutely the nicest folks.  Can't wait to go to Arizona for the 1st anniversary!

Then, another Rebecca married Dan up on Lake Conroe and threw a beautiful reception in their community clubhouse.  The theme was sea-foam green/blue so we decorated the walls, cake and gift tables with LED up lighting (setup time was too bright for pics - sorry!).

While this was going on, Jillian and Nick got married and held their reception at Belle Rose Maison in Conroe (closer to Magnolia).  We work there a lot and we were pleased to provide pink/blush up lighting to the hall.  It was subtle, understated and just beautiful!

Then, our good friend Tina through a birthday bash for her friend at the Viet Community Center.  We went crazy there - two racks of dance lights, an audio system for her DJ/future son-in-law and illuminating PAR up lighting around the perimeter of the room so they did not have to use the harsh, overhead fluorescent lighting.  When we turned on all of our gear, the place was stunning.

Meanwhile, across town, Brenda threw an amazing party with a DJ, stand-up comedians and an evening of dancing and revelry.  We brought in two racks of lights and a super sized fog machine.  This was one group who wasn't afraid to fog the place up.  The pictures don't do it justice (used a cell phone camera when shooting the fog/lights) but every beam of every light popped like magic  I have never seen our lights show so well!

March 2nd and 3rd
This was a weekend for the ladies.  DJ Flo contacted us to provide some audio and video projection gear at Armentas in Channelview.  It was a crowd of 500 and he needed some thumping so we brought out a "C" package with a couple of high powered mains and subs.  DJ FLo was trading 45 minute sessions with a live band and I was a little concerned that our 4-speaker system would pale to their huge array of 7.  Nothing to worry about!  We blew the doors off the place!  We also brought in a projector and a truss mounted screen and Flo put up a video of the choreography and dance rehearsals and other preparations.  DJ Flo is a real renaissance man:  DJ, chorographer, dance team coach and oodles of other pies in his oven.  Drop me a note if you need contact info - his studio (Studio Revolution) is in Baytown).  I got to stay for a while and enjoyed the band, DJ Flow and a 5-piece Mariachi band!

The next day, we took another trip to the Chateau Crystale on the southwest side.  You may recall that we did lighting there for New Year's Eve.  This trip was for Ismael who was putting on a wedding reception for 300 - 500 friends and family.  The band was coming in From Santo Domingo and was only bringing their instruments.  We got to provide everything else.  We did a big audio package with subs and mains and 14 mics and direct connections to a 16 channel mixer though our 12x3 stage snake.

Daniel ran the FOH gear and was excellent to work with (I was very foggy from the late pickup the night before and an early meeting before this setup so Daniel was invaluable in helping me understand my own gibberish!).  We set up four vocal mics, a ton of instrument mics for the Latin percussion gear and some direct feeds for a bass and an accordion.  This was one of those setups where I didn't get to see anything!  We set it up and left for our next gig.  By the time I got back for pickup, the only people left were two staff members from the Chateau who were very helpful in "expediting" my exit - grin.  Nonetheless, the reports were that the band and sound were excellent.  Another good weekend!

The rest of February
Was busy!  On the 16th, we went out to the Crab Hash Campground, a little southwest of Hobby Airport (have you noticed that if you get just a little south or west of Hobby, you're in the wilderness?).  A group of folks from UH put on a Norse-themed party and brought in a band.  Scott was our contact with the band.  We put together a strong sounding, outdoor system and a bunch of extra mics.  Power was provided by the campground (great operator, there!) and they threw in some lights as well.

The following week,
we got a call from Pastor to provide an audio system for his "Touch of Gospel" show at Sterling High School.  Pastor Miller and his talented youth group conducted a fund raiser for the Sterling HS Senior Class Trip. An evening of Gospel singing, praise, praise dancing filled the auditorium. It was a spirit filled and joyful event and we loved it!  We brought in a large "C" package with dual amps, speakers and stage monitors, a large mixing board, 7 mics and a stage snake.  The place was booming with good ol' gospel music when we turned up for cleanup.  Looking forward to working with you again, pastor.

January and February
Sorry it took so long to post this.  I have been working like a person who is much younger than I should!
Okay, tons going on but I'll keep it short with a few of the noteworthy events.  January was quiet early on then took off at the end and early February is going bonkers.  I'll do another February after this note.

First of all, a shout out to Lily who did a black light party to celebrate birthdays for herself and another friend with a same time birthday.  We didn't get pics - she picked up but we sent out a bunch of fluorescent tube black lights and our favorite LED one.  Reports are that all went well.

Then there is our old friend Dan from Provident Wealth Advisors.  He and a panel of experts put on meetings and seminars for existing and prospective clients.  This time, he did a couple days worth in the banquet room at Landry's Seafood in The Woodlands.  We put together a 500 watt sound system with four Shure wireless microphones.  The gear, music, presentation and food were all top notch.  If you're looking for a serious, professional financial advisor with tons of resources at his disposal, check out Dan!

My favorite event of the February, so far, was a 13th birthday party at the Woodlands Country Club.  Hope joined the ranks of teenagers while her parents put together a blast of a party for her and her friends.  We got the job of making the first impression.  A red pipe and drape entry was constructed on the front porch with a red carpet dividing the porch foyer.  The theme was Rock Star and it rocked.  We up lit the red curtains from the outside.  Inside the porch, we put together a rock star glitter fest with rotating mirrored ball, laser, color changing LED up lights and red PAR lights to light the red carpet entry.

As guests arrived, they were treated to a couple of the greatest rockers tunes - I Want To Rock And Roll All Night And Party Every Day from Kiss and I Love Rock And Roll from Joan Jett played through one of our audio packages.  Inside, was just as good with photo booth, DJ, a knockout decor and feed and the whole party was incredible.  I'm very proud of our setup and we know we set the tone just right.  We are thrilled to have worked with mom and dad in making this event extra special for Hope and her friends.  Thanks, guys.  (Special note to dad:  I watched you and your brother play - We're from Cleveland originally and love our Browns, and the Bears, Rams and Lions are okay too -grin!)

The rest of December through New Year's Eve

Besides being an insanely busy month, we all came down with the worst flu ever!  Guess I'm at that age where I have to chase down the annual flu shot.  Okay, on to the fun stuff.  We have been jam packed with every kind of gig - live audio, dance lighting, PA systems, Up Lighting, you name it.  So here's a few highlights.

Majed needed an audio system for a touring Oud artist.  An oud is a type of arabic lout, similar to a Greek bouzouki.  We put together a rack system with dual amps, mains and monitors, vocal and instrument mics and sound processing.  The hall was beautiful, the music was lovely and the place was standing room only!

Then Teena needed dance and band lighting for her folks 45th wedding anniversary.  We have done the same type of thing for her recently so we knew just what she wanted and put it together in short order.  16 stage lights for the band, two racks of dance lights for the dance floor and simple controls.  The only challenge was that while we were setting up, there was a martial arts class using the hall and we had to thread through the students.

New Year's Eve was packed with parties and a wedding.  Our own subdivision threw a simple come-and-go event for our homeowners.  We put up an audio system and a spinning disco ball.  It wasn't a dance rave, just come in, share a meal, beverage and conversation with friends and neighbors.  Very pleasant.  It was a nice break between gigs for us.

Meanwhile, up at the Belle Rose Maison, Catherine was getting married and throwing a reception.  Her father officiated and put together a great event.  We were honored to up light the place with alternating blue and yellow lighting.  Lovely affair that went well into the New Year.  It was a huge party.  Congratulations Catherine!

Then, there was the annual New Year's Party that Phillipe throws.  This year, the event was bigger than ever so we pulled out all of the stops.  We lit the band, put multiple racks of lights and a fogger on the dance floor and a dual light disco ball.  It's New Year's Eve - you have to have a disco ball!  I caught the last half hour of the show and Phillipe's band is amazing!  The place was jumping and everone had a fantastic time.  See you next year, Phillipe!

December 6th-8th - a wide variety of events

This is a wonderful time between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Let's start with the Ark Fellowship in Cypress. The kids there are putting on their annual Christmas play and some of their voices need a bit of bumping up.  So we provided a bunch of wireless mics with headsets and lapel clips.  We don't have all the pictures yet but the word is that it went very well.

We got a short notice call from DJ Brad.  He got tapped to DJ a Crossfit competition at Genesis Fitness on the northwest side and needed some amp and speaker gear.  We brought out 500 watt mixer/amplifier system with a couple of 15-inch speakers on stands and a wireless microphone system.  We were there for setup and for the end of the competition.  Brad demonstrated mad skills as a first-rate DJ.  And the competitors were at once a serious and fun-loving group of folks.

The big event of the weekend was the wedding of Sandy and Jesus.  They held their reception at one of our favorite halls:  Belle Rose Maison.  We started working with the couple about six months ago when the let us know that they wanted gold up lighting around the hall.  Oh yeah, we can do gold!  So we put up the gold and the place rocked!  Beautiful bride, wonderful couple, amazing band and three hundred of their closest friends and family had a rockin' good time.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

Last weekend before Thanksgiving and still busy

As we approach the end of November, there is always much for which to be thankful.  People express that gratitude in all sorts of ways but the common thread is that they do it with each other.  Here are some folks to came together this week for different reasons but all with joy and grace in their hearts.

On Friday, November 22nd, Lindsay and Matt joined together as husband and wife up at the Belle Rose Maison in Conroe.  It's a fantastic hall.  We've been doing a lot of prep work up there for fall, winter and spring and Lindsey's wedding is the first one that where we moved out of the survey phase and into the real thing.  We provided up lighting to complement the bridesmaids color scheme - a lovely royal purple.  We lit the main dais, the columns on either side and highlights for the cake tables.  We got to reception just before it ended and it was one heck of a party.  We got the rare joy to see the happy couple before they left to explore married life and they were clearly a great match for each other.  Make sure you check out the facebook page - this event was very special and we did two albums including live pictures of the party as well as the usual, static pre-event photos.

Then on Saturday the 23rd, Sophie turned three years old.  Her parents are friends so we took a house-party sized PA system over so the kids could listen to their tunes, then when cake and gifts were over and playtime was in full swing, the visiting adults switched over to to more contemporary tunes.  It's a simple system but it added to the spectacle of a great party for a wonderful little lady.

And then came Sunday.  We try to avoid Sunday gigs as it is a traditional day of rest.  But sometimes there are events that are going to happen and we do our best to make them special - even if it means not being able to watch the Texans (maybe it was best - we got to watch another tragic fourth quarter when we were done setting up!).  So Teena called about a month ago to arrange lights for the 50th anniversary party of her parents wedding.  They held it in one of the ballrooms at the Hilton Galleria.  Teena is a friend of Charlie, a musician for whom we did some lighting last year down in Pearland.  She wanted lighting for a dance floor and for Charlie's band.  Now it turns out that Teena is a milestone customer so we added in some stuff as a surprise.  We got a new stage lighting system so we set that up to illuminate the band and attached a foot controller so Charlie can easily adjust the lights while he plays.  Then we were able to do more lights on the dance floor, walls and ceiling.  Again, check our our facebook page for this one as we have a bunch of pictures of an amazing setup.

So, we are all thankful for a new life of togetherness for Lindsey and Matt, that our children are growing up healthy and safe and that our parents are here and to remind us that marriage is a lifelong commitment and they Teena's parents are up to that commitment.

November 15th - Four non-stop days

Weekday activity is growing and weekend gigs are using all the gear we have.  I'll keep this one short but there were a lot of memorable events.

Anita threw a party for her young daughter - Rock Star Theme.  A pink limo delivered the birthday girl and dropped her off at a red-velvet rope walkway.  That's when she hit our first bank of lights with spot lights, strobes and a circus.  The walkway took her into the
main party room where she encountered the second bank - chocked full of lasers, scanners, spinners, blacklights and others.  What a fine party!

Jason hosted a 70's themed birthday for his wife.  Nothing says "70's" like a disco ball and spot lights so we provided our disco ball kit with the ball attached to a motor and mounted on the arm of a tall stand and the spots mounted on a lower arm.  When we finished the setup, we fired up the lights and started the ball motor, I was transported to 1974.  Peace, man!

Shane hosted the school dance for the
Learning Adventures of Fort Bend home school group held at the St. Teresa Community Center.  The theme was Northern Lights.  We provided two banks of lights to set the tone for the Aurora Borealis and some high energy lights for the dance floor.  Shane spun tunes through a great audio system with a major, thumping bass system.  Thanks for all of your efforts, Shane!

DJ NightKap called to provide uplighting for his friends, Mike and Holli at their wedding in the Omni Hotel out by Katy.  Kap spun tunes late into the night and we lit up the walls to complement the color scheme of the bride's maids and groom's men.  Many thanks to Kap for bringing us in - it's always a pleasure to work with him!

Robert and Hayley got married at Oak Tree Manor, in Spring.  OTM is a reception hall that specializes in outdoor weddings and receptions.  We set up a mobile audio system to mic a four piece band and the minister.  After the ceremony, friends of the wedding moved the gear to the "next field over" and ran music and another wireless microphone through it for the reception.  As evening fell and the outdoor lighting began to shine, the sound and the visuals were absolutely stunning.  As we have a peripheral connection to the wedding party, we were very glad to be able to help out - and sure glad that we brought a surplus of gear to deal with surprise, last-minute growth in system requirements - grin!  Congratulations, Robert and Haley and many thanks to our good friend Michael for taking such good care of the gear in a busy, outside event.

November 2 - Exhausted!

I hardly know where to begin.  Let's just say that we started at 4:00 AM on Saturday and went to bed at 3:00 AM on Sunday.  But what a worthwhile day!

It began with Kiahn, who threw a birthday party for her niece in her home.  Homes don't need a killer PA system so we set her up with the small, 300 Watt package, a laser for the ceiling and a black light for her dance floor.  Saturday was scheduled to be so busy that we delivered it the day before.  That gave Auntie time to experiment with the gear as she was also the DJ.

Then, Saturday came.  We loaded out for the day at 0h-Dark-Thirty and headed up to Town Green Park in the Woodlands - right next door to Cynthia Woods.  Once the park people got sorted out, we built out a system to support an audience of a thousand or more.  Why, you ask?  This was the eighth annual Walk out of the Darkness walk held by the American Federation for Suicide Prevention.  They hold walks all over the country and this one was up in The Woodlands.  So we put together 5,000 watts worth of PA gear.  DJ Torcher came up from Galveston, hooked into our gear and spun jams while walkers walked to honor lost loved ones, raise funds and to save lives.  We are very proud to have been selected to help out this very worthy cause.  Best of luck to AFSP in their future efforts.

Then, it was down to SW downtown at the Clayton Library on Caroline.  This is where Bevin and Audrey selected to exchange vows.  Clayton Library has beautiful outdoor grounds in front, back and side and the weather was absolutely wonderful for an outdoor ceremony and reception.  For our part, we put together a 500 Watt PA system with wireless microphones for Pastor Paul and the groom's sister, who did a reading as part of the ceremony for 200 of the couples friends and family.  After that, a string quartet provided entertainment while the usual reception revelries ensued.  Congratulations guys - enjoy a long and happy life together!

And then the rest of the afternoon was filled with deliveries and pickups.  No time to eat and certainly no time for sleep.  I picked up the last gig from Kiahn at 1:30 and got to bed around 3:00.  Thank goodness for the time change.  The extra hour of zzzs are appreciated.

October 26th - Our busiest weekend!

Alright, we were swamped.  We had almost every piece of gear we have out somewhere.  If you called and I didn't call back for gear this weekend, I apologize!  There just wasn't any gear left!
Alright, as for what was out there, I'm just going to post two here.  There's more pics at our FB site.

First, we have Chad who decorates his barn every year for a party and dance for the kids at their Christian School.  They moved it to fall this year and amped up the decor.  We have provided gear in the past and there was a snafu with one of the amps so it was very gracious for Chad to give us a chance make good.  And we did, if I do say so myself.  We put together a very high powered amp and speaker system and two racks of a dozen lights with a high capacity fogger.  Chad also got a bunch of LED finger lights and the kids all had a blast.  Great tunes, great lights, great atmosphere and most of all, a great host!  Looking forward to next year.

Another old customer, Alex, threw his annual back yard bash.  He too, moved it to late October and gave it a Halloween theme.  Forgive the picture.  It was after the party and cleanup had not yet begun.  Be assured though, that the party looked great and you can see by the "aftermath," that the party was off the hook!  Equipment-wise, we came up with 600 watts of amp and top notch speakers - enough to make the party fun without causing too much grief for the neighbors (all of whom had given their official okey-dokey for a good party in advance!).  Best feature (besides our stuff!) was a home made slip-and-slide coated with corn syrup and Halloween gore blood!  Thanks Alex, see you next year!

October 19th - The slow season is over!

I could not have been more wrong!  We had a couple of light weeks and the fall was dead for us last year so I presumed that this was the slow season.  Not so!  It seems that no one knew us last year so we were thin.  I have been "instructed" by more experienced folks in the field that the season heats up starting in the second week in October and goes through the fall.  Well, they're right.  We are swamped with bookings and more coming in every day.  It's great for everyone - we get to acquire new and better gear and make it available to everyone.

Okay, on to the weekend.  Every event is special but there is only so much room in these shoutouts so...  First, we had a wedding reception for Jermaine and Crystal.  They said "I do" then before they could throw a good bash, Jermaine shipped overseas to serve our country.  He's home safe with his family now so it was time to throw that long-awaited party.  We kept it simple for a small hall with 300 watts of PA system and a hookup so the DJ could jam through it.  The place was still rumbling when we got their for pickup so we just relaxed in the ProCo-Mobile until folks started to stream out and Jermaine gave us the "okay."  Congratulations Jermaine and Crystal!

Then there was the sweet sixteen party for Tamara and Rachel.  We were contacted by Caleb who was putting together an incredible entertainment package.  Caleb is a multi-talented musician and manager and he put together an amazing package of musicians, singers, dancers, rappers, sound operators, equipment providers (yes, that means us!) and the whole shebang.  We delivered our super deluxe custom audio package with triple amps, subs, dual tops, monitors, rolling rack, mixer and lots of other audio gear.  We also provided stage lighting with two large racks of colored lights controlled by a DMX system at the Front Of House board.  I don't have to tell you that the event was spectacular and a great time was had by all!  - make sure you check out our FB page  - http://facebook.com/procoaudio - for lots of pictures of these and our other events.  Our many thanks to Caleb and to Scott the sound engineer who can do more with a wire and a roll of duct tape than any magician!

Sept 28th - Oct 12th - Entering the slow season but...

Okay, it's fall and things are relaxing a bit as school taken hold, sports are in full swing and people are assessing the new personal costs as legislation that took effect on October 1st begins to affect us all.  Still, there are weddings, parties, events and life going on.  I though I would point out some interesting new types of things that we've been doing the past few weeks.  There is a company on the SE side that has been growing its video production business.  Of course we always want a wide arrangement of gear to create the best product.  They had a sudden need to do some higher quality audio recording for some overdub work.  We'll, we got the goods.  They built a pretty successful sound booth and we put together a good studio mic package.  Heck, I even got a try-out for the announcer but they had a guy on staff with one of those deep, overnight radio DJ voices that sounded wonderful.

Later on, they were shooting with some blue paper background as a blue screen.  It has worked for them in the past but because of some wardrobe issues with this shot, blue wasn't going to cut it.  The spent the better part of a day in post trying to resolve the issue but in the end, they decided it would be quicker to reshoot it on green screen.  If only they HAD a green screen.  So we got the call and were glad to take down a truss and an 8x10 green screen.  It was amazing.  I helped out with the shoot.  We set up, did a couple of takes and the stayed with the set while the cameraman took the shot it to test is with editing.  He came back in two minutes and annouced "Perfection!"  The setup and striking of the set took longer than the shoot and the rough edit!

Think about is if you need some simple photographic gear to do a basic shoot or to augment your existing equipment.  We have pro tripods, cameras, lenses, continuous lighting, hair lighting, green screens, backdrop stands and the like.

September 21st

The only event that I got pictures this weekend was the wedding and reception of Robin and Tiffany.  This was a fun one!  The picked up our "B" audio package for two days - the first day was a rehearsal and the second was for the ceremony and reception.  DJ Patrick tied his rig through our amp so it got a lot of use.  We used the Behringer powered mixer system as the rig needed to be easily portable.  Did I mention that the whole event was outdoors.  The DJ was on a covered porch and the dance floor was under a tent but the waterworks really flew on the first day so they needed to be able to re-locate gear if the wind kicked the rain under the covers.
They used our multi-pack of lavalier microphones to mic the pastor, bride and groom.  There's always the unexpected, of course - like a loud squeal when the first kiss occurred.  They think it was a feedback or interference issue but I think it was love - grin!  At any rate, Saturday had no rain and everything went very well.  We turned up for cleanup just as the last guests were leaving so we didn't get pictures of Tiffany and Robin but we got some good shots of the environment.  Check out our facebook (www.facebook.com/procoaudio) for a photo album.  Congratulations to Robin and Tiffany!

September 9th through 14th

Okay, another busy one.  It starts with Adrienne, the head of the PTO for the Memorial Christian Academy.  The PTO hosted a dance for the kids and we got the honor to provide some dance lighting.  MCA is a wonderful school with great parents, staff, facilities and of course, kids!  I made up for a clerical error by adding some lights to their order and providing a bunch of finger lights for the chaperones and kids.

Then there was a new one for the books.  Dan put on a seminar and video in one of the theaters at the Star Cinema Grill in Conroe.  The inhouse audio system didn't meet the needs of a seminar so we brought in a real power house system and a pro-grade wireless Shure mic system.  We quickly tuned it to provide powerful, clear sound to the entire movie theater and the presentation was a total hit.  Well done to Dan, Trena and all of the fine folks and associates of Provident Wealth Builders!

Then we had two receptions.  Kathi put on a reception for friends and family in Texas who could not attend her son's wedding in California.  We set up in the Cypresswood clubhouse with a PA system that was just the right for the room.  They used it to play background music from a smart phone using and online music source and we had a microphone for them to do announcements and such.  This was no informal get-together.  It was professionally decorated, catered and had all the trimmings.  Congrats to the happy couple - we're glad we could help out in our small way!

The other reception was held in a banquet room at Maggiano's Little Italy, near the Galleria.  It was a good sized affair for Giselle and Harold.  We provided purple uplighting around the perimeter of the hall.  The results were fantastic!  It was a challenge setting up as one party was finishing and cleaning up while we were going in and setting up!  Giselle and Harold are a wonderful couple and they and their family put on an amazing reception with live band, a beautiful hall and (if I do say so myself), great lighting!  Best wishes guys!

September 7th and 8th

What a week!  There was so much prep and organizing to put the weekend together and make it go smoothly.  But it all went off without a hitch.  The rest of the month is going to be the same.  Okay, down to brass tacks.  There were a couple of special that were particularly noteworthy.  DJ Tony called to add some dance lights to a Sweet 16/Quince party he was doing for Angelina.  After a couple of hiccups on my part, we got it together.  We did a dozen lights on either side of the dance floor on tall, crankup stands.  Because Tony has some real beat blasting tunes to work with, we put most of the lights on sound-active and he ran them all.  I don't know where to begin here because there are two amazing things about this event.  Let's start with Tony.  Wow!  Easily, the most well equipped DJ I have ever worked with.  And not just good gear - he's good!  Every music type and what a voice!  Check him out at:  http://www.wedding.com/wedding-vendors/tx/pasadena/dj/dj-tony-o/141408
And then there was the party.   We have done a lot of parties, 16s, Quinces and everything else.  This was the most elaborate 16/Quince I have ever worked!  Done at the big ballroom of the Double Tree, the young people were amazing!  Dressed to the nines in gowns and tuxes, great choreography and dancing and they were absolute ladies and gentlemen!  My only wish is that I had gotten involved sooner as the guest of honor picked a purple theme and I would have uplit behind the honor table in a fantastic plum shade.  Still, great music, great young people and, if I do say so myself, great lights!

Every event is special and if your event isn't here, it's just because of space or lack of pictures.  But sometimes I put things in our Shoutout area because they are special to me.  Of course you have seen for the past two months, the opening of a wonderful new church - The Birthing Place in Pearland and our small involvement with their beginning.  Well, they are growing and have reached the point where they no longer need access to our gear.  You see, all the time that we were providing a PA system to Pastor C, we were gathering and building an audio system that they could call their own.  This was the weekend that it all came together.  We packed up the trailer on Saturday with months of effort in building a cost-effective, powerful sound system that they can use now and will grow with their needs.  At the heart of the system is a Crown XLS amp driving mains and monitors.  A powerful and flexible mixer supports their mics, drums, keyboards, MP3 inputs and the like.  Good Shure microphones and powerful speakers and monitors make the Word available to everyone.

So I got there first on Sunday morning and set everything up.  Pastor C came in and we did a very satisfactory mic check.  Then Mike came in and got a crash course on the system.  Not only is he the musical director and percussionist but he is now the sound man.  So now they are self-contained.  I'll be there again to attend the service on occasion.   I look forward to going in and parking in a "pew" and just enjoy my time hearing the Word, worshipping and praising!  All the best guys, you deserve it!

August 25th and September 1st

Another week down at the Birthing Place.  In fact, we did a couple when we add in the Wednesday night service.  We have it down to a science now and we don't need to post much more about it but...  This photo was a great moment - a musical worship session turned into training session as Mike started working with Milton and handed off his sticks to the church youth.  Pastor C is also a fine percussionist so he moved into the musical mentor role and the music was incredible! 
It is time for the church to move away from a rental system so they can own and operate their own gear.  To that end, we have enabled our new capacity as a facilitator.  We have spent the last month sourcing and purchasing the components of a cost effective PA.  It isn't the knock down, dragout beast that we provide every Sunday (yet) but it has all the power and quality that the Pastor will need to be heard clearly and to let the band in.  We'll use it next week for the first time and report here.

We had a lovely Quinceanera on the 1st.  Vianey turned the big 15 and mom (Christina) reserved the Sterling Banquet Hall on the Northwest side off of BW8 to throw a super party.  We brought in a great audio system.  We had purchased some new speakers a couple of days prior and tested them in the shop but I was a little concerned after checking them out that their published specs may have been a bit optimistic so we brought along some old standby speakers that we knew we could rely on, just in case there were any issues.  The folks at Sterling were very accommodating and we were set up and testing in short order.  That's when I SAW the problem.  The overload protection circuits started glowing (they use light bulbs to dissipate excess power).  Not good - the horns would not be able to handle the power from the amp.  We didn't blow them, fortunately, but we hauled them down and put up some good ol' Yamaha speakers.  They've been around the block so they're not quite as pretty as the new ones but they are as reliable as a hammer and always sound sweet!  Whew!   We also threw in a couple of lasers to bounce up the place.  The result - DJ Christian spun tunes through our gear, the pink uplighting (not done by us but a fine job, nonetheless), our big audio package and our lasers made a great atmosphere.  Congratulations to Vianey on "the big 15!"

August 11th - 18th

I can hardly put into words how blessed we are.  First of all, we have had more jobs this past week than we've ever had  A million thanks to all of our great customers!  We've got pics from some.  A quick shout to a few who did true DIY gigs.  First to Rosy who threw a nice outdoor party for her father.  We had to meet in a parking lot at my day job.  She picked up our audio package "A."  We did a quick load up and class on the gear and she took it from there.  She is a natural at understanding and handled it all like a pro.  (if you're looking for a little audio installation work, Rosy... - grin!).  Then there was Stephen and Mia, proprietors of Arts On The Rise.  Their summer camp thespians wrote a sequel to Alice Through The Looking Glass and preformed it downtown.  The got 8 lav and headset mics and some strobes for "falling down rabbit holes."  Again, true DIYers.  We really appreciate all that you folks do for the kids!  (send us some pics, eh?)

And there's some that we get involved in personally.  The growth at the new church continues.  See pictures of that on our fb page.  Pastor C and First Lady L are wonderfully passionate with a great message.  If you're ever in the Pearland area and you haven't been to an old fashioned bible-teachin' church in a while, you could do far worse than to stop on in!  We've been providing gear since he started and we are now on a quest to help the church get their own gear.  I'm donating some stuff, they're buying some stuff.  If anyone has anything they can donate - speakers, cables, amps, mixers and all that stuff, won't you drop me a note?  Thanks!

Then comes Mia who is leading a children's outreach to Build Leaders In the Next Generation.  She put on a stage show and video presentation at the Boys and Girls club just outside the loop on the south side.  Mia is amazing with amazing credentials and a dedication to helping kids.  We didn't have to do much for her - we set up some stage lights and a projection system and she and her equally dedicated family, friends and staff helped the kids put on a great show!  Keep up the great work, Mia (I know you will!)

Ahh, First Lady Jackie.  What can I say about this one?  Over at the LIght of the World Christian Fellowship, Jackie and the ladies put on a stunning evening for the women in the church including a fashion show that was too cool to describe.  Suffice it to say that the women modeled their own creations that were made with incredible imagination and ingenuity.  And they had a tremendous number of other events.  Again, if you're looking for a dynamic church up in the Humble area, poke your head in and see Pastor J (and Pastor J, too!)  Our part here was fairly minimal - we set up some lighting at the judging end of the catwalk to help the beautiful women of the church strut their stuff for the very fair-minded judges.  All I can say is "Wow!"

There was one more special event that kind of touched us.  Suroor got married and held her reception at one of my favorite halls in the Houston area - Le Jardin on Bamwood.  What a beautiful facility.  We have come to know a lot of the wedding decorators, party planners and other folks in the business in our time here.  We were pleased to see our favorite decorator there.  Our services kind of mesh and you can see from the photo that she does a beautiful job.  Suroor and her husband were absolute resplendent, the hall was fantastic and our audio system was a perfect compliment to it all.  We did a custom system with dual amps, dual mics, audio feed and top notch speakers.  Oh, we also were fortunate enough to have a podium that they needed for speeches.

The amazing thing about this one is that when we finished setup and testing, no one from the party had arrived yet.  We had to launch for another engagement so I set up some notes on masking tape by the mixer about settings and a message to call me.  When the call came, we talked for about 5 minutes and that's all anyone needed.  The gent who ran audio had little experience with the type of gear that we provided but he was able to do a perfect job.  A tribute to himself, our gear and our service (I hope!).

Alright, there's much more but I'll hold it up here for now.  It's end of summer and bookings are coming thick and fast for fall and winter.  

August 3rd - 5th  - Very busy stuff!

I hardly know where to begin.  There was a ton of events and sales this weekend.  We're starting to really move the LED finger lights.  If you've been thinking of getting some, think about doing it soon, as the supplies are beginning to deplete.
Okay, there were there were a few notable events but I don't have pics for everything.  Jesus (Spanish pronunciation, of course) got our Audio Package "A" for his daughter's birthday party.  Along the way, we discussed that it was for sale.  Long and short, I gave him a great deal and after the party, the gear stayed there!
Then Carla and Cassie have a reception hall just outside of downtown needed a solution to light up the outside of the hall.  We worked hard to create a good looking and cost effective solution.  There were no outside outlets and running power from inside was impractical so it was either battery powered LED uplights or a generator.  We went with the second choice.  For the price, we were able to provide twelve lights and the generator at the same cost as 4 battery lights.  Not that there weren't issues.  The generator was new and we didn't know how long it would really run.  Turns out that under full load, it's about a hour and a half!  Fortunately, a second fill-up got through the event.  The generator was quiet and the look was beautiful!  We also lit up the interior with our regular LED uplights in a dark, pink shade to complement the existing traditional gel pinks that were already installed.  Awesome effect.

Finally, until they can get their own, we are the regular providers of audio systems for the new startup church in Pearland.  After some fine-tuning on gear selection, we built a better solution that last week for a much lower cost.  Lessons learned and applied!  Keep up the great work, Pastor C.  We know that the church will grow and thrive under your leadership and passion and with the amazing support of your family!

July 28th - A new church is born!

Well, this one has been a long time in coming.  Got a call from a Pastor who is ready to branch out and start a new church in Pearland.  As with all ventures like this, it consumed an incredible amount of time and effort.  We are honored that he asked us to provide audio for his inaugural service.  We planned for an overwhelming response and pulled out all the stops - a large mobile rack with amps for mains, subs and monitors, 5 wireless mics, stands, effects, large mixer, instrument feeds, alt source feeds and 4 monitors and all of the other myriad components.  The challenge was setup timing - we had an hour to get in, get setup, mic checks and all of the details.  We got things started pretty close to on time.  Aside from switching to better quality wireless mics as the service went on (provided by the wonderful folks from the gospel trio; Soulfruit), everything went well. I stayed for the service and had a wonderful experience (plus I didn't have to feel guilty for missing services at my home church!).  The church was spirit filled with a great message and fantastic participation from the singers, musicians, presenters and a "cast of thousands."    Andres and the singers from Soulfruit (check them out on FB) are amazing in both talent and tech savy.  Congratulations on the new worship center, Pastor - we're looking forward to continuing to help out.

July 13th - Lion's Club Play

Wil called a while back looking for an audio system for their Lion's Club play at the Multi-Service Center in South Houston.  There needs were up there - big amp and speakers, 6 wireless lapel mics and 2 more handheld mics.  I was kind of sweatin' because, even though we had it all, the mics were a hodge-podge of different types and brands.  Worse, we were out of rack cases for the weekend so it was going to be a big stack of gear on a table - ugh!  Then, amazingly, two pieces of gear that solve all of the problems appeared on Houston CL the day before the event.  I got them and started assembling and testing.  Nice - got all of the wireless mics integrated into a single receiver, got a new rack case with a slant top for the big mixer and everything else was covered.  We delivered and set up.  One of the hand-held mics was a little finicky and didn't have a reliable signal from the stage to the audio table but we brought spares and whipped up a secondary system that did the trick.  Of course, the play was great and everything was wonderful.  Also, Wil has another life as a full time DJ who is good in any genre and works the entire Houston and outlying area.  Check him out as DJ Nitekap on FB, Twit and all the usual places.  Congrats to everyone on the play!

July 6th - Awards, Movie Night and receptions

Okay, we've been swamped and I've gotten behind on shout-outs.  I'll get a few here.  First to TC and Bolts.  We did their season finale with audio setups for an outdoor awards ceremony, followed by a hookup into the outdoor video system for the annual end of season DVD that the team creates.  The kids had a ton of heart and never gave up a yard!  Can't wait until next year.

Mindy is an event planner and needed some cost effective uplighting.  We built a dozen, traditional PAR-type uplights with red gels and mounted them on "H" frames.  She did the rest.  As soon as we get the pics, we'll put them here and on FB.  Mindy is absolutely dedicated to her customers and meeting their needs for organization, appearance and budget.  We are very impressed here.  Check out her site on facebook at www.facebook.com/mindyresbyevents  .

We got a short notice call from Artt this week.  Artt is a renaissance man with more go than a teenager!  He got married a few weeks ago but with his busy schedule, didn't get to put on the reception until this weekend.  So, it happened.  We were honored to provide a couple racks of dance lights.  We did two stands with 9 lights.  The place was dark and the ceiling and floor was white so everything really popped!  Congratulations to Artt and the new little lady.  I'm sure you will be both happy and very busy!

June 8th - Swimmers, engagements and birthdays

Lot going on this weekend.  It started with Chase who needed a big pile of wireless microphones for a rehearsal and a party during the middle of the week.  We got em and set them up with microphones, receivers and stands.   This was one of those deals where he picked up and brought back so we don't have any pictures.  Man, that's the one thing I don't like about this.  I like to meet everyone and see everything!  Still, congratulations to Chase and Karen on their upcoming big day!

Then there was Michelle.  She contacted us awhile back to provide some dance and atmosphere lighting for a birthday party at Brady's Landing in the ship channel.  A little coordination with her DJ and party planner and we put together a simple but fun rack of lights with strobes and pink floods, to go with the rest of the party decor.  This was quite a bash with the lights, DJ, live band and some amazing food (got to see and smell it during setup - grin!)  Happy 20/20,  Michelle!

And we top it off with the 'Bolts.  I love supporting the Lighting 'Bolts and I use them as a trial ground for different gear and configuations.  We have been using separate amps and mixers for the first half of the season and have switched to a powered mixer for the last two meets.  Both are doing yeoman's service, as did Travis who did the DJ and announcer honors this week.  Thanks Travis.  Go 'Bolts!

June 1st - Swimmers and Graduates

And what a weekend!  As always, we sponsor our local swim team - the Lighting Bolts (Go Bolts!) by providing their announcement and PA gear.  They're having a rough time of it this year but they have the heart to keep going after it.  Way to go, kids - swim strong!  We never get any photos so I took a bit of time this morning after setup to fix that.

The day continued on with a pair of graduation parties.   Leticia called us earlier to put together a combo package of audio and lights for an outdoor celebration.  We built a perfect solution with enough volume to make the event unforgettable but not so much that anyone had to call the "gendarmes."

While that was cooking, DJ TC arranged for a powered mixer setup with big speakers, computer connection and the rest of the works.  I popped in on that event while it was just getting its legs and TC was in fine form.  I have know TC for many years and he is a multi-talented and multi-faceted man with sick DJ skills.  Drop us a line if you need a DJ up in the northern parts of Houston and further up and we'll be glad to hook you up with him.  At any rate, DJ TC spun jams for a couple of friends who both graduated and their folks threw a blowout grad party.  With our gear and TC makin' the noise, you can't go wrong.  Top it off with perfect food and dessert and it only got better!

May 24th - The Tomfooligans!

We had a family event on the 24th that took the whole staff out of operation.  We promised ourselves that we wouldn't be taken away from this major family commitment.  But in the end, there were folks who's families would have been disappointed if we didn't at least do something.  So, we only took "pick up" orders and helped out that way.  The first was from Roger of the Tomfooligans - a Celtic "rock" band who were gigging at the Goose's Acre in the Woodlands.  They needed a powered mixer to replace their's so we set up the new Behringer mixer/amp and the results were just what the band needed.  Check these folks out - they are excellent musicians and do a great deal of philanthropic work.  Cheers, guys!  You can see them at http://www.youtube.com/user/Tomfooligans

May 20th

Congratulations on the engagement of Pastor Michael and Lisbeth!  They gave us a call looking to provide some atmosphere for their engagement party but to keep things in budget.  Like some other places, they wanted to skip the existing lighting in the facility and just use their own accent lighting.  So the trick was to create plenty of light, plenty of atmosphere and keep it affordable.  The solution was perfect:  traditional uplighting!  We did a stand with some clear lights so folks could see the wonderful food they were enjoying and surrounded the perimeter with green and blue uplights.  The camera had a bit of a focus issue (operator error!), the results are still perfectly visible.  Best of luck to the happy couple - hope to see you in February for the next big day!

April 20th

Hurrah!  I’m done travelling for the rest of the year.  Not really sure if that’s good or bad but it will allow me to focus on ProCo for the busy Spring and Summer season.  So what happened this weekend?  Well, I can tell you it was packed with adventure and drama!  There are two events that stuck out this weekend.  The first was a wedding reception for Truong and his bride at the Petroleum Club, high atop of the 43rd floor of the Exxon Mobil building, downtown.  Not surprisingly, it is a beautiful facility with incredible views of the city.  We did a custom light package for the reception made of PARs with pink gels, LEDs programmed to pink and set both types of lights around the perimeter and at the gift table in an uplight configuration.  We also did two racks of clear PARs and some dance lights including our new high powered strobes and the Python barrel scanner to light up the Bride and Groom table and the dance floor.  The couple had a great celebration and were joined by a cast of hundreds!

The other event was a bit strange.  We got a last minute call to do a combo sound and light package at an outdoor family gathering.  We managed to deliver and set up a high powered sound reinforcement system and a double rack of eight lights about the time that the event started, well after dark.  We set everything up then headed downtown to gather up the gear from the Petroleum Club.  Before we left, we got a couple pictures of the setup.  There were some issues with collecting the outdoor setup the next day but they were quickly resolved and, notwithstanding some of the other issues, I can say that the audio and the lighting were amazing!

April 6th

Got a last minute call from Kim to provide some equipment that their DJ was a little short on.  The event was the Spring High JrROTC Military Ball.  Call us American or Patriots or whatever you want but I just want to bend over backwards to help out such a dedicated and honorable group of young people.  We pulled out the stops and cut a very sweet deal.  We put together a high powered audio system with a connection for DJ Terrell's laptop and a 7-light crank-up rack and fogger.  The staff and JrROTC officials were outstanding folks to work with and the young women and men of Jr ROTC are a true credit to the future of this nation.  We're in good hands!

March 30th

We met Juliet and her wedding planner, Sandra at the Bridal Extravaganza.  After some challenges of putting details together (mostly stemming from my extensive travels this year!), we finally got our end put together and helped to stage a lovely reception.  DJ Obie (djobiepro@yahoo.com) spun some amazing tunes and ran our Light Package "B" for the dancing (8 lights and lasers and a fogger) and we set to uplight the room in Juliet's favorite color - RED!  By the way, DJ Obie is really awesome with a full complement of music from old school, Hip Hop/R&B, Reggae, Funk and whatever.  Check him out or hire him for your shindig!

The reception was held at Signature Manor, a fantastic ballroom and reception hall on the southwest side, just inside Route 6.  We lit the perimeter of the room with red LED uplighting and also highlighted the cake with the same approach.  The decor was beautiful and there were a lot of good folks who gave their all to make the day wonderful for Juliet and Uche.  Best of luck to you both!

March 22nd and 23rd

I'm still out of town so the home team is taking care of business.  Two interesting gigs happened this weekend.  We got a short notice call from Jessica of a local elementary school PTO.  They were throwing an outdoor movie night in the park.  There original sound people were unavailable so we stepped in to fill the void.  We set up the new EMX 640 with a pair of high powered speakers.  We mated it to the laptop that provided audio and fed video to the projector and the kids enjoyed Hop! on a large, inflatable screen as a prelude to Easter.  There was popcorn, pizza and the whole works.  Weather was excellent for outdoor movies and a wonderful time was had by everyone!  Thanks, Jessica.

Then there is our longtime DJ friend, Rey.  He called ages ago to reserve lights for an 80's event at the American Legion Hall in the Aldine area.  We built an 8-light system (we may have thrown in an extra or two - after all, Rey is a very regular customer!).  We set up a stand with two bars and tried out some of the new lights including the LX-10s and the new Brat.  By mounting the fogger on the stand with the other lights, the beams are amazing.  Zoe became our fogger test operator and when we dimmed the lights, the show was amazing - even to us.  (I saw the pictures!).  So the event went deep into the night with pickup in the pre-dawn hours.  Such is the life of lighting and sound people.  Of course, Rey was his usual hit.  What a renaissance man he is.  If you need a DJ, drop us a note and we'll get you in touch with him - he's awesome!  Thanks, as always, Rey.

March 2nd and 16th

I'm traveling again so I can't post pictures until I get back.  While I was gone, a few outdoor events occurred.  Of course, plenty of other things happened but we never seem to have good luck getting pics of the outside occasions so this is the month.

It started out at the Chateau Polonez on Malcomson.  All reports said it is a lovely facility.  Bill and he new bride conducted the ceremony outside and then headed indoors for the reception.  We had the honor of providing audio for the ceremony.  We used the new Audio Package "B" with the Yamaha Powered Mixer, a pair of upgraded speakers and two microphones.  One microphone was for a beautiful singer and we also put a wireless lapel mic on the officiant.  It was a perfect solution and, of course, the ceremony was beautiful.  Best of luck, you two!

Next, we got a short notice call from Krystal for a backyard birthday party as she welcomed her daughter into the ranks of teenagers!  There was a bit of challenge putting all the detail as my ability to communicate on the trip is pretty curtailed (secure facilities and very long days!).  Nevertheless, we got it put together in time and Amy and Ben delivered and set up the perfect audio system for the party.  A bit of a snafu involving a wrong cable took a quick side trip to the local cable supplier but they were back in a jiffy.  We set up the system so they could hook up a MacBook to the Peavey Mixer/Amp and a microphone made for announcements.  The system was designed to provide maximum sound for the party without too much disruption for the neighbors.  A great time was had by all.  Congrats on entering the teenage years - it will be a piece of cake (grin)!

February 15th and 16th

What a fun weekend!  Lots going on but our two standouts for the weekend were a stint back at Rockaberry's and a dance up at Conroe High School.  Rockaberry's called with a last minute request for some gear to top off a big event they were holding.  There was a band, a DJ, comedians and a cast party.  Took a bit of fast, short notice coordinating but we got everyone's stuff integrated and the night was a huge hit.  Rockaberry's (on 1960 West and Walters) is getting ready to re-open as a comedy club and I urge everyone to check the place out!

Then there was the dance.  Some of the band officers threw a dance for their classmates.  Looking to make it extra professional, they decided to go with pro PA systems and pro lighting.  We couldn't help putting together a package that went above the call - they're the future of this country and perhaps they will carry these moments forward when they are in charge!  So we took up a full scale audio system and a two light racks packed with lasers, scanners, foggers and a bunch of other goodies.  They used a common area and put the lights out.  The results were wonderful.  It took a lot of hard work on the part of these young people (and some gentle assistance from great parents!) and that hard work paid off.  I had to pop in briefly to swap out a tempermental speaker (later troubleshooting showed that a connector came loose) and watched some of the organized festivities including a raffle, several re-shoots of the Harlem Shake and of course, some well lit and great sounding dancing and music!  Special kudos to Grant and Daniel (and Joslyn and Gregg - grin!) for their strong organizational skills.  Well done, gang!

February 8th and 9th - I hardly know where to begin

Okay, so we'll start with this was a record busy weekend for us.  I'm going to mention just four of the events.  It started off with Adventures At Middle School.  As one of my youth is in National Junior Honor Society (big pat on the back for myself - grin!), we volunteered our services to the school wherever appropriate.  The school hosted a 9-school academic competition and we got tagged.  The initial discussion was some simple lighting ideas in the gym.  Along the way, I asked if they were going to use the little portable PA that I had seen them use in the past (it's horrible!).  With the "yes" answer, I proposed bringing one of ours online.  Like most of these types of things, the plan ballooned and turned into a full scale production.  The theme was "The Hunger Games" so we lit up the side walls in a forest green and red/yellow fires.  The main wall was done up in fire orange.  Then we put up a 10' translucent screen and lit it up from behind with a rolling flames light effect.  The presenter stood in front of the screen for awards and the effect was incredible!  I also acquired some badly damage speakers (totally dead) a week or two before so I spent the week resurrecting them.  The gym seemed a great place to test them out so we put together a couple thousand watts of public address and the new speakers.  We pumped microphones and music from Hunger Games through the system  Couple that with the lights and the results were spectacular!

Next is something new for us:  Heather called a month ago and proposed providing audio for a float that they were doing in the Mardi Gras parage in Port Arthur.  What a cool thing.  They have done this in the past and were happy with the results but they needed a closer vendor.  So we put together a 600 watt audio package with a pile of speakers and they are off and running.  As I write this, the event is ongoing.  I have included a picture of the float.  Reports from Port Arthur say all is well and we're awaiting updated pictures.

Even farther back, Charlie contacted us for a large light system to light up a band and dance floor for a reception at the VFW hall in Pearland.  He requested our big truss package with a dozen lights and fogger.  Because of logistic issues, we had to build the whole thing on site so we packed up a bunch of lights, the truss and all of the gear for two other gigs in the trailer.  Post 7109 has a very nice hall and stage.  The band was setting up so we joined the fray.  We put 9 lights on the dance floor including a couple new ones we got recently and some gel PARs on the band.  Two different lasers, a pair of scanners and an assortment of strobes, beams and colors made the place.  Charlie also got a large supply of LED Finger Lights and they were a hit.  Charlie and his band, The Sound Gang are amazing.  Drop us a note if you are looking for very talented and flexible band and we'll get you in touch with him.

Finally, another new project.  Got a note from John, one of the regulars of a web site where we just started hanging out http://www.houstonbeats.com    He is a party DJ for an awesome club in the University Heights area - the Hudson Lounge http://www.hudsonlounge.com at Kirby and Robinhood.  Amazing place.  If you're in the area some evening, Adam owns the place - let him show you a great time there!  At any rate, John wanted to "punch up" the bass from his DJ rig.  We just picked up some new subs so we took them, the new 2x15 speakers and the new style amp with the built-in crossover and hooked it up to his rig.  Had a few temperamental moments with the gear but got it sorted out quickly.  The requested "thump" was there!  John also got a bunch of LED Finger lights for club goers.  It was a cool evening as there was also a kind of vampire them going with capes and such.  We got there for pickup around 2:00 AM and the party was still going.  I could hear and feel the whump of the gear in the parking lot!

There were other gigs this weekend as well but space is limited.  I should mention that James at Rockaberry's is letting some folks from his church use the hall to rehearse their upcoming production of Love and Fire.  We were honored to provide some audio gear to help out that effort - break a leg guys, the play is looking great!

Thanks, everyone, for a great weekend of sound and lights!

January 26th - Spring is here with weddings and parties starting up

Had some great events the last couple weeks but I'm light on pictures.  DJ Rey had a couple gigs and has more coming up.  We had our hands full this weekend.  Three really stuck out for us.  The first was a nice little audio system for the men's church choral group.  James owns Rockaberry's on 1960 - a Zydeco and Blues club that is transforming into comedy club.  Huge room!  James also lets out the place to the church on Sunday and the men of the chorus have quite the voice.

Next was a back yard wedding down in Sugar Land.  Finally!  I got to take pictures of one of our outdoor gigs.  The place was beautiful, as of course, was the bride.  They had dancing inside on a great dance floor and a banquet outside with a fantastic tented structure for the adults and tables in the shade for the younger attendees.  We had a few challenges getting the indoor and outdoor operation for the audio system going right but in the end, it all worked.

Finally, something new for us.  A nice young lady came up to us at the wedding show to describe an "issue" she was having at her wedding hall.  It seems that the great hall is either a lights "all on" or "all off" proposition.  Then there was the issue of the very large room having very few electrical recepticles.  The couple wanted something a bit more "in-between" and limited " trip hazards  from running power cables all over the place.  We put together a series of AC LED uplights, battery powered uplights and some traditional PAR uplights.  We lit walls, pillars, catering, the band and a nice bright one to focus on the cake.  Spectacular!  Oh, did I mention that the great hall is in the St. Arnolds Brewing Company?  And the them was pizza and beer?  Totally cool!  Best to Amanda and Jerrod!

The upcoming weeks and months are booking fast as wedding "season" is in full bloom.  Give us a call if you need anything to reserve your gear soon.

January 5th and 6th, 2013  It's a New Year Again!

And what a weekend was the first weekend of 2013.  We took everyone down to the Houston Bridal Extravaganza and met with about 1,500 bridal parties!  Spring and Summer are going to be jumping in the Houston area with couples taking that blissful plunge.  Of course, the offerings were beautiful and varied.  As for us, we had a cute little booth showing a simple audio package, a 5-light stand and our new uplights.

In my Bridal Show announcement above, I said I would tell you about the cool swag we were giving away at the show so here it is.  The real highlight of our booth was one of the hits of the show:  LED Finger Lights.  These little finger rings come in four, super bright LED colors - Red, Green, Blue and White.  We gave them out to everyone who came by and they were all over the show and as we imagined, there were thousands of them shining all over George R Brown!

They can be the hit of your party as well.  We are selling these as part of our offerings.  For quantities under 99, they're 50 cents each and for quantities of 100 or more you can have them for just 25 cents.  So for just a dollar per guest, you can equip your each party-goer with four finger lights.  They are wonderful on the dance floor, as hair adornments, accessory lighting and lots of other uses!  I saw one person with her pony tail being held.  We put a red and a white one on a can handle as head and tail lights.  Find your way to the bathroom in the dark.  A lady at my "regular job" is using them doing therapy work with kids.  The uses are endless!

We discovered something very important at the show.  Of course, every bridal party was scouting for deals.  Now, I'm not sure if what we found out is a good or a bad thing but I can say that we're not surprised.  It turns out that when it comes to Audio Equipment Rental, Lighting Rental and Uplighting, we were the lowest price providers in the show!  I am pleased to say that this has been our goal from the start and I have no intention of raising my prices to match the other folks around town.  If you need low cost, high quality sound systems, dance and DJ lighting or uplighting, talk to us.  We think you'll be glad you did.

Gotta mention one other thing from the weekend.  We had to cut back a bit getting ready for the show.  But there was one person in particular who found our pricing several weeks prior and was bound to get one of our lighting packages for a birthday party she was throwing for the love of her life.  The party was Saturday night, right in the middle of the show.  Logistics were extremely complicated but she dug in like a pitbull to make it happen.  We wound up meeting in a parking lot at George R Brown for a car-to-car transfer and quick course on how to set up and operate the lights.  I'm pleased to report that she did a great job with the gear and the lights were a hit at the party.  Thanks for sticking with us, Tamika!  See you for your birthday party, next time!

12/1 - Christmas Parties, Showers and Gigs

What a weekend!  Between family events and keeping everyone supplied with gear, I got three hours sleep in two days!  I'm sure glad I love to do this stuff - grin!!  Okay, let's start with the far North.  We got a call a while back to reserve some big powered audio and lights for a party.  And a party for a more deserving group, there never was!  Our Army reserves took the opportunity to cut loose in North Montgomery county.  DJ Rafael spun tunes on very high powered system with two racks of lights.  Amazing.  The party ran many hours past it's "scheduled" conclusion but I sure couldn't say no to these very deserving men and women.  DJ Raf is one of the best - drop us a note to contact him - he is in Montgomery county but I think he'll travel!

Then there was a last minute call a couple days ago to provide some audio for a band doing a gig at Molly's on Kuykendahl and 1960 (you know the place!).  The band was well equipped but wanted some extra oomph for their vocals.  Amazingly, we had a lot of gear out and there wasn't much selection left but we were able to set 'em up with a system that did the job well thanks to good acoustics at Molly's and the great musicianship of the band.  Kudos to Christopher, their manager for his super efforts in getting the Intergalactic Banditos some great exposure.

What are friends for, you ask?  For starters, for being friends!  Also, we can experiment on them.  Friends of ours were throwing a joint baby shower followed by a couples party with Karaoke.  We wanted to try out and configure some of the new gear so we took advantage of the opportunity.  And while we were at it, we make a door buster system!  Most of the lights were committed so we were left with building a rig that could blow the windows out at a quarter mile.  The venue was small (a clubhouse) so they were only able to crank it for a few moments for "demonstration" purposes but I can tell you that the glass by the pool rattled and bowed.  You want this system for your next event!  Congratulations to TC and Jennifer on the upcoming new arrival and thanks for a wonderful party!

11/17 - Festivals, birthdays and weddings

It's the "slow" season for the party business.   We went into the week with no bookings for the weekend.  By the time Saturday afternoon rolled around, 80% of our inventory was booked.  The first was a birthday party the Aaraj threw for his twin 5-year olds.  We lit his large living room with strobes, blacklights, lasers, spinners and other lights and highlighted it all with fog.  His house was perfect for the fog - it thinned and hung as a light mist and really made all of the light beams pop.  The kids at the party were agog! (and I think the parents liked it too - girn)  Then there was a Diwali festival in Cypress.  The hall had a last minute problem with their in-house system so we got the nod.  We put together a rack package to amp up a party for 400 at La Hacienda on Telge.  La Hacienda is a wonderful, two-facility site with a big restaurant at the front of the property and a great banquet hall in the rear.  Ms. Betsy is their coordinator and she and her staff, as well as the hall, are great!  On to the party, though.  We set up in the mid-afternoon and got our equipment married up to the customer's gear.  When Patrick and the party planners came by the shop to check out our systems, they saw some of the light racks we had going out.  Since Diwali is the Festival of Lights, we set them a rack full of colored cans and color switchers.  The rack lit up a tall stage that the kids danced on while the adults had the main dance floor.  What a blast!  I got there for pickup while the party was still raging and some great food and saw a lot of folks having an action-filled dance storm.  There were also a couple of last minute gigs that came in on Saturday morning.  We love to help out in these situations.  We don't charge any more for the short notice - if the gear is available, it's all normal price so we were able to take care of a party and a reception that needed some equipment.  A good weekend for the "slow" season.

11/1 & 2/12 Quinceanera, Engagement and Birthday Parties

Busy weekend with two short notice events and one, long planned party.  It started with our first Quince.  Erika called for some basic speakers and lights.  When it was time to deliver, some of the other equipment that she was going to use wasn't available.  Fortunately, we always have some extras in the truck so the show went on.  It was my first Quinceanera - I got to watch setup and rehearsal on setup day and see some of the real party on the day.  What a wonderful rite!  From there, I got a call on Saturday morning for a basic PA system that afternoon.  What a day - I had a big gig loaded up and had to make a stop at the election center to get supplies for the upcoming presidential election this week.  Talk about loaded.  Nonthless, we packed up an "A" Audio Package and set it up for Solzail and his lovely bride to be.  When we picked up the event later, we were early and got to check out the festivities.  It was another first for me - an Indian engagement party.  Talk about beautiful!

The weekend finished off with a 30th birthday party held for Michael.  After seven years in the military - in all the hot spots! - Michael separated from the service a year ago and this year, Kristen put on a party for his big 30!  It was held at American Legion post 560.  If you're a vet and a fan of the F-4 Phantom, go there!  Great folks!  Well, Kristen and Michael pulled out all the stops.  They put together a huge audio system complete with dual monitors, dual amps, major power and lots of extras.  Michael brought some of his own gear and set up a super karaoke system with the Post's stage and big screen and our gear.  With all the audio sources, in and out, we completely maxed out the mixer.  Now don't ask me details about the party.  All I can tell you is that I was there for the tail end and American fighting men party as hard as they serve our Nation.  Thank you Michael, your outfit and all the members of America's military services!

10/27 & 28/12 - No Pics but Three Fun Gigs

Argg!  I hate it when I can't get pictures!  Had some fun stuff this weekend, too.  Started with Lisa who was putting on a birthday party for her mom.  Her DJ had some dead equipment so we worked her a super deal and built up a great audio system for music, announcements and the works.  Lisa is a principle with MLE Corp, a thriving commercial recovery company.  If you need commercial recovery service, you can check out her site at http://www.mle-corp.com/

This being the weekend before Halloween, there were great parties going on so we had some lights to go out to Tom for his Halloween bash on Saturday night.  It was outdoor so the fogger didn't get much use but the report of the lights were great.  On Sunday, Ruben had a wedding reception which he dj'd with his audio gear and we built up a big set of lights - 11 lights and a fogger on two stands.  The word is that everything was wonderful.  Halloween night is coming this week and we have a lot of stuff going out.  Can't wait to see the results!

10/20/12 House Warming and Receptions

What a nice weekend.  Fantastic weather and good folks getting together for nice time.  Got a call mid-week for an audio package for a Karaoke/house warming party.  A wonderful family had recently moved into their new home and had family in from "the old country."  The christened it with a wonderful party and an evening of Karaoke.  We put together a high powered system, multiple microphones for duets and such and shook the house.  We have a fall special so we added a laser light show to the stars and they looked as fabulous as they sounded.  Then there was the wedding and reception at Nuevo Leon in Baytown.  Wow, what a wonderful facility.  Huge, modern hall with gigantic ceilings and a decor that knocks your socks off.  Out back, they have three beautiful gazebos for ceremonies and pictures.  Check it out if you're looking for great hall in that area.  But, of course, the hit of the event was the newly married Wendy and Bob.  Bob contacted us many months ago to put a sound system together that was up to the challenge of such a large facility.  We put together a large rack-mount system with four speakers, wireless microphones and we put a wireless lapel mic on the minister so everyone could hear everything.  DJ and "sound engineer" services were handled by the couples good friend, Shelly who did yeoman's service - great job Shelly!.  The hall was beautiful, the couple were perfect and the technology was just right for the event.  Thanks for your great hospitality and excellent planning.  Best wishes to the happy couple!

10/13/12 Birthdays and Receptions

Some nice doings this weekend.  Donna had booked us quite some time ago to provide the audio gear for her wedding reception.  I know that all couples (and most especially the brides) put a lot of effort and work into making their special day just perfect.  Donna was the most hands on, hardest working bride I've ever worked directly with.  And, wow, did it pay off!  She and her "team" had the most wonderful reception, banquet and I have to say, the most interesting center pieces ever!  Setup was in a large HOA clubhouse so we did a high powered system.  Dan DJ'd the event with our gear and his music.  Wireless mics made toasts and speeches a piece of cake.  A great event and super wedding cupcakes!  Congratulations and a long life together!

Not to be outdone, we got a last minute request from David who was throwing a large birthday bash for his lovely wife, Elaine.  He put up a huge tent in the back garden, had a floor and dance floor installed, built a stage for the band and brought us in to provide dance lighting and high powered audio.  We put in two large banks of lights and, at David's suggestion, added some laser lighting to his outdoor decor to augment his existing lighting.  We put an animated green and red laser on the palm trees and the effect was stunning!  The audio was top notch and the lighting made the place sparkle.   Happy birthday to Elaine and thank you for all of your wonderful hospitality.

9/30/12 Wedding and Reception at Ashton Gardens

Got a call from Sun a few days ago to put together an audio system for a reception at Ashton Gardens on 1960, just West of Humble.  We did a simple setup with a small amp, speakers and a couple wireless microphones.  Fan spun tunes on his laptop through the gear and managed all of the speeches and the dance floor.  Of course, the bride and groom were wonderful and are truly made for each other.  The facility is top notch - selected best location four years running.  Situated in secluded wood, they have a beautiful chapel and multiple reception halls.  I have to say that given the nature of our service, I seldom get to see the wedding party.  Timing on this event was favorable and it was a real pleasure to see such a nice group of folks and a lovely couple.  What a great wedding, reception and hall.  Congratulations to everyone!

9/7/12 DJ Rey Does It Again

DJ Rey is our most prolific DJ.  In addition to being a great guy and a super DJ, he is a FIre Fighter and just finshed his EMT exams.  Well, he put all of those skills together and DJ'd an event for the Fire Fighters and Rescue Teams of the Aldine FD at their R&R conference center.  We put a new light package together - all LEDs, no hot bulbs.  We put a couple of lasers and a new Chauvet Circus, which is a awesome light.  Turnout was light but Rey did his usual yeoman's service.  If you need a good DJ, contact me or check down below for his direct contact info.

9/2 Labor Day Bash in the Heights

No pictures for this one but there was a barn burner in the Heights this weekend.  Alex called a few days ago to upgrade the sound system that he used for his second annual Labor Day party.  It was held in the back yard (I don't know why I never seem to get pictures for our outside events!).  We dropped of a high powered system and set it up in the afternoon for the party that evening.  Now I wasn't there for the shindig but I came in the next day the next day to "witness the carnage."  Some cleanup efforts had begun after the soiree but there was plenty of "evidence" of a truly successful party.  Kudos to Alex for helping us all to remember that there is still a holiday in this great nation of ours that is focused on just letting us take a day to relax!

8/26 Reception at Villa Rinata

We got a last minute call to do the audio for what turned out to be a beautiful wedding reception at Villa Rinata near the Galleria on Sunday night.  We used the new racked up gear and just for fun brought the "whole crew" in to do the setup.  The facility was great but it was quite a tall staircase to haul the gear up so having all of us there really helped.  Jasmine was a radiant bride and the reception ranged from dinner and dancing to gaming!  Howard was in charge of the gear and had to leave before the festivities started so I didn't have a chance to hold a "class" on the equipment.  The equipment is so easy to use (and Howard is one sharp guy!) that I left a few notes by the mixer and gave him a quick phone call with some details and he ran it like a professional audio tech.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

8/12 The Dual Purpose Party

I'm out of town again, conducting seminars on the east coast.  Amy is running the shop and is doing a bang-up job.  She and Ben have put together a couple of light shows.  The one on the 12th was a send-off for a young lady who has joined the ranks of those pursuing higher education.  Woohoo!  Also, her father and his band are launching their first album.  Double woohoo!  I'll get details of his upcoming shows and post them here.  This is an actual picture of his event - just 4 lights!  A Laser Show, Mini-Ball, Light Bank, Strobe and a fogger.  The fogger really makes the beams pop.  Brandon called and knew exactly what he wanted.  He selected his lights, put a delivery time on it and took care of everything.  All we had to do was assemble and deliver it.  Nice for everyone.  Best wishes to Brandon and his family on all of life's great adventures!

7/29 and 8/3 - Wedding Receptions and Youth Group Revival

Some interesting challenges.  I got sent on the road on the morning of the 29th but we had a wedding reception that afternoon.  The rest of the staff was up in Austin for a swim meet so we brought in our good friend and audio guru, Pete to take care of the reception.  Great gig.  DJ Julio was providing dance and music for friends so we showed up with combo Audio and Lighting package with upgraded sound.  We didn't get pictures but from all reports it went well.  We tried something new - a rack case.  We pre-loaded a case of gear with Amps and other support equipment.  It helped everyone out, sped up the installation and made using the gear easy.  The reception was held at the Old Civic Center in Humble - great place for a reception.  There were some logistic issues as they had booked two events on the same day - we were bringing in gear while they were finishing the earlier event.  The other party was very gracious to let us do that - thanks!  In talking with everyone afterward, the reception was lovely and everything went well.  Ahh.!

August 3rd was a fun weekend.  I was still out of town again but  Amy and Benjamin were back and took care of business  Okay, the event of the weekend was a youth retreat at the Occasions Banquet Hall in Humble.  Occasions is a nice, standard and flexible facility.  If you are hosting an event in the Humble area, be sure to check them out.  Joshua contacted us several months ago to put a custom audio package together.  While we are always glad to help out a short notice event, it's a real pleasure to have a little time to plan and make an event even more special.

We brought the gear online the week before to make delivery, setup and usage much easier.  It got the trial run last week at the reception in Humble and went really well so tried it again with Joshua.  It was a great success and will now become a standard for our high-power package.  It is a rack mounted set of gear.  We can build it at the office and make delivery and setup a "one step" process.  Joshua's setup included a big amplifier, dual 31-band equalizers, a feedback destroyer, a rack mount wireless receiver and power system.  There is room for a couple more items and a custom selected mixer depending on event requirements.  Joshua had more special requirements including extra speakers, six microphones (four wireless) and a large mixer to deal with some additional equipment. 

Of course, the event was a wonderful success and the acoustics of the facility was excellent.  Congratulations and blessings to Joshua and all the kids to whom his efforts are devoted!

7/20 - Church plays, Class Reunions and back to Dionisio for a Fashion Show

I hardly know how to begin.  The weekend was busy and had some excellent moments.  Let's start with Genny and the kids doing a play for the church.   This was a long planned event.  When Genny called us, we had about half the gear she would need to mic, amp and light a stage play.  Over many months, we refined the equipment list and slowly acquired what we needed.  By the 17th, we had it all and set it up for the dress rehearsal.  A second trip on the 18th got everything tuned up and the show was ready to go on.  The play was staged at The Gardens on Beamer near Pear Land.  A great facility with several halls including the big one that the kids performed in.  Of course, the show was a smash hit and the kids were great.  Thanks to Genny for her excellent management and direction and thanks to the Valarie and Isaiah who ran sound and lighting.  Mostly, of course, congratulations to the kids.  Way to go!

Then it was back to Dionisio where they hosted an outdoor fashion show!

Jimmy and Clarise hosted a Fashion Show in their lot this weekend.  For our part, we provide the sound system for DJ Simon Says and we created a lighting system for the models as they walked the red carpet runway.  It was quite an affair with reserved VIP seating, full audience seating and some of the finest locally made wines to top it off.  Guests enjoyed great wines from Dionisio and wonderful cuisine from Caliope who have a full range of Po-Boys, Cajun and homestyle cooking.  Momentum Porsche brought one of their showcase models and the ladies and outfits were stunning.  Turnout was incredible and a great time was had by all.  Wonderful show, Jimmy and Clarise.  We wish you great success as Dionisio continues to grow an already excellent reputation!

Class Reunion at the Art Gallery

The weekend finished out for with Verlincia holding her 10 year High School reunion for the class of 2002.  New for us is that it was held at the Archway Gallery in the Heights on Dunlavey.  That was really something.  We provided audio support and a connection for their music source - an iPad packed with great jazz and awsome beats.  The layout made for great socializing with tables interspersed between art exhibits - all by local artists who not only show in the gallery but who also run it.  The event was catered and photographed by an amazing staff of professionals and the sound carried beautifully through every corner of the facility.   If you haven't considered an event in an art gallery, consider it!  We talked with the folks at Archway who said that it's a common thing and they welcome folks to their place - www.archwaygallery.com  The gals and guys from the class were a very impressive group and showed all of the signs of sucess that their education and friendship prepared them form.  Way to go class of '02 - see you at your 20th in 2022!


7/13 - Corporate Meetings and Karaoke

Friday the 13th wasn't too bad for everyone.  Diana threw her first corporate convention and it was a smash hit.  It was held across three ball rooms in the Hilton Gardens, Energy Corridor to a packed house.  First of all, kudos to the hotel manager, Marco.  Marco is a great, hands-on manager and extremely helpful.  If you're looking for a place for your next meeting, give strong consideration to the Hilton off of I-10.  Okay, back to the event.  We pulled out all the stops and used about 2/3rd of our stock.  Big amps, large mixer, 4 high power speakers, wireless lapel and handheld microphones.  As the event progressed, they needed a better quality lavalier mic so I brought out an improved system on Saturday morning.  Also, many thanks to Shelby.  Shelby is a longtime friend of the organizer and an even longer time audio professional.  He taught me some tricks and ran the boards himself.  It would have gone well without but went that much better with his help.  Thanks!  Good luck as you grow your business, Diana!

7/13 - The Dionisio Wine Bar and Winery

While we were setting up at the Hilton, I got a call from the Dionisio Winery and wine bar, downtown on Jefferson.  They were having trouble with their karaoke system.  The good news was that I had enough gear in the van that I was able to stop off and get it hooked up before karaoke night started.  Now, a word about the Winery.  Go there!  Jimmy and his wife opened the place in January and it's been getting great press and gold medals for their fine wines.  The place is intimate and beautiful.   You can get started at  WWW.DIONISIOWINERY.COM   Karaoke is a new venture for them and (the bad news) would probably have gone even better had the amp not burned out halfway through the night!  It seems that a previous user put a bit too much strain on it and it overheated and gave out.  Up until then, though, karaoke was the happening thing.  By the time I got there with a new amp, the mood was over.  Next week, they are doing a fashion show.  We'll provide audio with a whole new amp and setup.  They will have a DJ and the event will be out in the lot, surrounded by Porches!

7/6 and 7/7 - Parties and Receptions

It was a rainy weekend in Houston.  But people here know how to have a good time!  It started off with a last minute call from Katrina who was throwing a party in Missouri City for some friends.  She rented out the Alpha Center, put the word out on FaceBook and had a great blowout.  DJ Mel officiated the music and dancing while we did our part with a high powered audio system and an eight light rig with fogger, spot, lasers and a pile of other types of lights.  Thanks Katrina and Mel - keep the party going.  I need to get Mel's email address but if you need a DJ on the Southwest side, drop me a note and I'll get it to her.  Let's just call this picture the "before" picture.  When we cleaned up, all of the mirrored walls were still mirrored!

Then there was the wedding reception over in the back yard near Mission Bend.  DJ Walt was scratchin' up a storm in the yard until the rains threatened and they had to move the festivities into the house.  A little crowded but they shook the house down.  Congratulations to the happy couple!  Another excellent DJ with an amazing rig - dual scratch mixer and a tower full of music.  Walt works the west side and if you need a DJ over there, drop him a note at gGonzalez0585@yahoo.com  I can't believe it but I didn't get pics.  Sorry - this is the second time I missed getting photos of a back yard event.  The whole thing gets me going and I just forget.

6/23 and 6/30 - Amazing weekends

Okay, where to begin?  To start with, my work sometimes takes me on the road.  This month, I was out for two solid weeks to the East Coast.  I took care of the Saturday gigs back on the 16th then the rest of the team finished the weekend and the weekend of the 23rd.  So I missed a wedding reception that has been planned with us for many months.  Congratulations to Amanda and John - send me a pic!  You two are very special to us and we were sure glad to provide our services!  Also, DJ Rey did another DIY gig.  I'm telling you that if you want a an impressive young man and talented DJ, give Rey a call (garza.rey.rg@gmail.com).  I got back on a Friday night in time to set up for reception of Jenn and Justin.  DJ Adrian was my contact - it was his show to conduct.  Again, a very talented young man who is a flexible DJ (heard him warming up everything from rock to Christian to the wedding classics - Unchained Melody, In the Mood...).  He is also a professional photographer.   What is truly admirable about him is that he knows that no one can do it all.  For this wedding, he focused on being the best DJ he could be and let another photog have the photographic honors  (contact Adrian at asilva388@gmail.com).  The reception was held at Fung's Kitchen on the SW side off of 59 just past 610.  They have some wonderful, spacious and well appointed banquet rooms.  Also, kudos to Adrian for his help in breaking down the gear before I got there - the event was over and the room was scheduled for another event so Adrian took the situation in hand and handled it.  Thanks Adrian!  All the best!

6/24 - Another Nice Weekend

Well, the Londonderry Lighting Bolts are at divisionals this weekend.  We don't have the results in yet but you can be sure that they did well!  And we also had a couple of interesting gigs.  Rey (great DJ - see his contact info below) had a gig that he did with a DIY "Better" Light Package.  He came by for a quick course on setup and operation and trundled off with the gear.  To be fair, his package was entitled to free delivery and setup but I was out of town and he was a good sport to do it.  Thanks Rey!  I have a great plan to make his next rental an even better experience.

We also did the audio at the wedding reception for Mike and Amanda.  Congratulations, you two!  Way up in the wilds of Montgomery county, my boss did the delivery, setup and pickup.  The boss isn't a full time audio technician but did the job perfectly - good placement, no feedback and good hookup for the DIY audio equipment used by the wedding party.  The reception was a big event at a restaurant and was a great fete.  Amanda and her wedding planning "committee" contacted us months ago to plan this out and it went off exactly according to plan.  Congratulations to everyone up there!  We'll have pics posted as soon as I get back in town (I'm back and they're up).  In the mean time, the place is in good hands so go ahead and call - we're ready to help everyone out.

6/16/12 - Busy weekend but no pics

Well, it's been a fun filled weekend.  Of course, every booking is special and there's something interesting about all of them.  We try to note a couple of them them in these little notes.  Apologies for not having any photos this week.  Because we focus on DIY, we don't always get to see or photograph our efforts!.  So...

We did the 'Bolts final regular season meet.  It was a home meet which they won bringing their season record to 4 and 1.  Way to go, kids!  Good luck at the Divisionals next week!

Got a last minute call to light up a 10th Birthday party for Haley.  What a wonderful setup.  The event was outdoors on a large, covered porch and we set up two stands full of lights, lasers and a very high powered fogger.  It was wonderful and a great time was had by all.  Congratulations, Haley - glad you enjoyed your party!

Finally, a true do-it-yourself job for Luis who threw a Pink Floyd "Dark Side" party for his dad on Father's day.  Music, dark room and a wide variety of lights made for an amazing show the Luis put on.  He picked up the gear, we talked about it how to set it up and run it.  He took the ball and ran with it.  Now Luis is a sharp guy and had no trouble doing everything.  It's easy, right Luis?  We're glad your show went well - "Wish we were theeerrree" - grin!

News 6/2/12

Mary Kay, Timber Creek, Bolts and the unseen wedding

Well, like a lot of things, this can be a strange business.  We're growing and had a record number of bookings this weekend.  My partner, of course, had to travel this week so I was running like a scalded ape to get everyone delivered and set up.

But back to the "strangeness" part of things.  We're finding more and more that many times, we never see the people who book us and sometimes, we never even get to see the event.!  We get the booking then deliver and set up but the principle is often there later.  Or, we get a booking and all we see is someone who comes by to pick up or drop off gear.  Still, we do get to meet some great people.

The first gig was a wedding a little north of the office.  I spent a good deal of time working with Tommy to get all the details right.  This job is the quintessential core of our business - we prep the gear and the customer gets it, sets it up, uses it and returns it.  So it was perfect for Tommy and the wedding but no one here ever got to see the wedding, reception or even Tommy!  By all reports, it was a very successful event with a wireless mic on the minister, mic'd and amp'd live guitarist, speeches and background music.  Never got to meet Tommy in person but I met his very impressive sons and nephew.  Nice job, guys!

New Mary Kay Offices

Then, we had our first "hiccup."  I started a setup at 6:15 on Saturday morning as we did our usual installation for the Lighting Bolts Swim Team  It was a "simple" job and should have been done in 20 or 30 minutes.  After several trips back to the office and substituting amps, cables, mics and mixers, we found the the problem to be a shorted "extra" wire on one of the speakers.  It made things look and sound like the amps were fried but fortunately, they are all self protected so no harm was done.  Fixed it in two seconds but all the trouble shooting delayed the next job by over an hour.  Sorry Wesley!  But the next job was interesting.  It was a Mary Kay meeting with a new Director in an office that was so new, it was still being built out.  Jessica, the new Director wanted to put on a great presentation, and she did!  Since we were late, we brought out all the guns to make up for it including a top notch amp and PA system and brand new speakers that I picked up the night before.  We also did a a light show with four lasers painting 3 walls, the floor and ceiling.  Plus we had some additional colorful and motion lights to top off the effect.  Awesome presentation!  And we managed to get everything up, running and tested before the meeting started - whew! (we even got a bit of a finger wag from the office next door about shake factor from the volume of the new amp and speakers - grin).  The main speaker was mic'd with new a brand new Shure mic and Wesley send atmosphere music through the mixer from his laptop.  Good show.

Then there was the Birthday on the Golf Course.  Another situation where we never got to meet the gentleman throwing the party but he sure put on a wonderful event.  Thank you Brandon!  The birthday was celebrated in the outdoor pavilion at the Timber Creek Golf Course in Friendswood, TX (See the photo above).  I highly recommend this as a venue that you might want to consider.  Even with the outdoor heat, Andy (the golf course supervisor) and his staff and visiting relatives had the place configured so that it was both well appointed for a party but also was downright comfortable.  Believe me, I have been traveling and doing setups all day and for an outdoor event, it was a real pleasure to work in the pavillioni.  Andy and his people were great to work with and extremely friendly and helpful.  Get down there and shoot a couple rounds and rent the pavilion for an event.  You won't regret it.  Nice facility, and the view - well have you ever seen anything more lush and green on a summer day than a well kept golf course?  Of course not!  It's just fantastic!

Yeah, there was more that went late into the night.  It was a good weekend for everyone except for your intrepid delivery guy who finally got some sleep in the early morning hours.  Also, a shout out to the Kid who helped me do some setups and pickups.  Thanks Ben, you're a great help.

News 5/28/12

Got the lighting videos cleaned up and synced with music.  Enjoy the on the DJ LIghts Page.

Red Rideau and the Outlaws in Egypt, TX

News 5/26/12
What a great weekend
We did the PA system for the Lighting Bolts.  Did some improvements to the setup and configuration and now they can hear the announcer in Idaho!  The 'Bolts won for the second week in a row making the season so far, undefeated.  Keep up the good work, kids!

Buck Anderson and R.B. Newsome Memorial Trailride
- Roping and Zydeco - at Jefferson Arena in Egypt, TX

Every job has something interesting and new but this weekend had something special.  It was a bit of a hike down to Egypt, TX - just outside of Wharton, especially for a "small" job but it looked so interesting that I had to say "yes."  Boy was it worth it!  This is a multi-faceted, carnival type of event with a zillion families coming with their smokers, pits, and horses to enjoy the food, amusements, listen to a great live Zydeco band and for some horsemanship competition.  It is held in a large field with a full sized competition horse corral at the center.  There is no power so everyone who needs electricity brings their own.  There was a great, 40KW generator for the band and lighting that was so quiet, you could hold a whispered conversation next to it.  The stage was a pair of flatbed trailers from 18-wheelers that were mated side-by-side.  The band was Step Rideau and the Zydeco Outlaws from Houston.  If you haven't caught a live Zydeco band, don't miss your next opportunity to catch these guys.  They've got a website and a very busy touring schedule so there's plenty of opportunity to see them.  If you catch them, let 'em know you heard about them here. For our part, we had to snag a little power from the generator and light up the band.  They were very accommodating and appreciative.  Thanks for your warm reception, guys!  The trip was too far to go home so we stayed and enjoyed the hospitality, the music and the great horsemanship.  For the kids, there was a bounce house, a small mechanical bull and everyone rode horses around the fields.  For kids and adults, there was horseback riding, a calf roping contest that was extremely and professionally run followed by  a calf scramble after the roping.  Of course, everyone was jamming all night to the joyful sounds of accordions and washboard vests until the wee hours of the morning.  Congratulations to all the cowboys, musicians and especially to Robyn for putting on this wonderful event!